The Never Ending Contest
Why wait for a contest to start when this one has already begun. This contest started November 1995 and will continue as long as the web page exists. Think of this as the SimCity 2000 All-Time World Records. Send in your city Now!

OFFICIAL RULES! There are none really. Any and all cities that are part of the ClubOpolis collection will be judged. Actually there is no judging ... it's more like information extraction. All of the major statistics of every city are compared. Population, Value, Crime, Pollution, Health and so on. The cities are then sorted so you can see who has the highest population, the lowest crime and so on.

Below are the First Round Results. Click on the category to see how the other cities did.
Category Winner(s) Value
Overall Best Happyville 150.1538
Population Arco City 24228673
Traffic DecaMillenia,Supergly,Heaven 0
Pollution Heaven 0
Value New York 455
Crime Lando,Computorland,utopia,EM2,Randy's,Fortress,The Sprawl,Heaven 0
Power Forest Town,New York,Happyville,Cincinatti,DecaMillenia 100
Water Fortress,Forest Town,noroads9,Falling Water City,Arco City 100
Health over9mil,Salt Lake City(2) 100
Education over9mil 100
Unemployment Heaven,DecaMillenia,ang3,Oceanview Heights,Millenium 400,New Chicago
San Diego,Salt Lake City(2),clean2,SeaSide City,City of Jonathan,coolton
The 3rd,5mil ,HyperMegUCS ,Las Vegas ,Qutopia,Lochaline,High Lands
Chicago,Jamie's Cool City,Very High Island City,Jamie's Best City,Millenium 300
Maximum,City of Aslan,GoodCity,St. Louis,Spiralopolis,Supergly,over9mil
Biggest City Yet,Millenium 500,Myville,villa
GNP MetroCity 8744
Nat'n Pop Toeboy 963b
Fed Rate Heaven 0
Mayors Approval Rating The Sprawl,Fortress,San Diego 91
Cash flow per year Supergly $1558654

Cities that were #1 in more than one category: Note: Heaven and Happyville will probably be removed from the contest. Heaven is merely a terrain with no city and Happyville has artificially good numbers. Once you take it off pause, the numbers become normal.

As a bonus, the cities judged so far are also listed by Keyword, Mayor and Judge.

Note that you can only tie in the following categories:
  • Traffic, Pollution, Crime, Unemployment, Fed Rate - 0 is the lowest
  • Power, Water, Health, Education - 100 is the highest
These are categories that you can win in:
  • Overall Best - All of the scores are averaged together
  • Population
  • GNP
  • Nat'n Pop
  • Mayor's Approval Rating
  • Cash Flow Per Year
This Web Page was created by Patrick Coston November 11, 1995, Last updated April 4, 2006