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City Name: Oceanview Heights
File Name:
Mayors Name: Don Tucker
Architect: Don Tucker
Overall Score: 31.0 out of 100
Place: 80 out of 117 Cities
Population Traffic Pollution Value Crime Power Water Health Edu Unemp GNP Nat'n
Value 169870 8 13 132 11 15 1 78 114 0 3264 4 6 79 2123
Score 1 84 88 29 95 15 1 84 62 100 37 0 33 87 50
Place 80 8 7 41 10 59 62 14 15 1 16 29 5 12 54
Date: unknown 2639
Percent of land covered by water: 18
Passengers per day for Subway: 6502
Passengers per day for Bus: 5678
Passengers per day for Rail: 285
Cash: $174
Judge Name: Bill Cooper

Description: Oceanview is the beneficiary of a unique zoning system, which abandons one of the cardinal rules of city construction by building the city in 9x9 blocks. Each block has a 3x3 municipal building (or park) in the center of the 9x9 square so that none of the building zones is more than 3 tiles from a road. Many of the blocks are mixed residential and commercial, which, when the commercial zoning is 3x3 results in the larger commercial buidings being erected. Unfortunately, this system is not so successful with residential and industrial. Wtihout corners, much of the industrial building is in the 2x2 and 1x1 varieties. And since most of the residential is in either 3x3 or 5x3 spaces you get a similar lack of density in housing. With 7500 zoned tiles and only 169k sims the city achieves fairly low density. The very wide distribution of city services does result in a very satisfied population: witness the mayor's 79% rating.

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