Daymoon Software

Daymoon Free Software!
  • PixMod: Pixel Modification: Easily write your own image manipulation software
  • Search ASP: Searches all include files for a string in an ASP page
  • Parse ASP: Parse ASP page to see all include files, Subs and Functions
  • Make Page: Make a web page out a text file. Creates links out of URLs
  • Strip HTML: Removes the HTML tags from a web page
  • Anti Dir: Opposite of dir command for command line
  • Text Get: Extract the text from a non-text (binary file)
  • Strip End: Strip white-space (tabs and spaces) from the ends of each line in a text file

  • All software available is Command-line 32-bit apps for Windows 95+ to run
  • All software is compressed using WinZip32
Date Created June 8, 1998
Last Updated April 20, 2018