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This kids was the only kid I saw wearing a proper helmet ... maybe. Loose helmet strap on mom

These helmets for kids are merely toys and not real helmets but I suppose they are better than nothing

squeezing the kid between two adults seems the safest to me

This kid looks like she is about leap off the motorbike. Dad's helmet is not strapped on

I see little kids standing up which looks crazy dangerous

Sitting side saddle this kid looks like he's about to fall off! Mom has no helmet strap

Four people on a bike is not uncommon. No helmets!

Four on a bike and no helmet strap

Four on a bike

Four people on a bike. The girl is camera shy. No helmet straps

Young child with no helmet and no helmet strap

Kids do enjoy riding on motorbikes. Dad has not strapped on helmet making it nearly useless

carrying eggs and child

The kids often spotted me taking their picture

why is that guy taking my picture. Mom wearing a useless helmet since she did not strap it on

Why is that guy taking my picture

They seems so relaxed not realizing how dangerous it is

Relaxed and loving the breeze. Dad's helmet is loose enough to fly off his head in a crash

Nice breeze

wheeeee. Another loose helmet strap rendering the helmet almost useless

one handed

this kid does not look happy. No helmet strap

underage kids riding on a motorbike. No helmet strap

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