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Dave and Scott Run the USA
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Dave and Scott at Coston's with World Map

Dave and Scott with the Coston's. Top Row: Dave, Walter, Kim, Scott Bottom Row: Joelle, Shane, Pat

There was a film crew creating a Documentary about the run. Here they are filming the arrival of Dave and Scott

Scott (left) and Dave (right) arrive a little sore but happy and in good spirits

Scott being interviewed

Dave filming Scott

Dave filming Scott

Dave's turn to be interviewed

Dave talking about the heavy traffic they encountered as cars whiz by

Dave talking about how happy he is not to be sleeping in the woods tonight

Camera man thinking "That's pretty funny Dave"

Dave and Scott plan to run 3200 miles coast to coast starting from Sea Bright, NJ February 23, 2003 and finish in Florence, OR on July 22, 2003. You can check out their web site Here. They will have no support vehicles. They will carry everything they need in backpacks. They want to pay Zero dollars for lodging by staying over peoples houses or "sleeping in the gutter". If you think can help Dave and Scott Click Here.

How did I hear about this run? I was reading MetaFilter when I came across a post about them. I noticed that they needed lodging for Old Bridge, NJ which was 20 minutes from my house so I gave them a call and they accepted my invitation.

Up until that point they had secured lodging for practically everyday of the first month except for the first day. They said they would call me a few miles short of arriving at the pick up spot.

At about 6:00 PM they called and told me to meet them at the Intersection of Route 516 and Route 9. As I approached the intersection I saw them running and honked and waved. They pointed for me to park up ahead.

When I parked, a guy with a camera and another guy with a sound boom got out of a car parked next to mine. They were the documentary guys. They wanted to film their arrival and us meeting for the first time so my timing was perfect. One minute later Dave and Scott ran up and the filming began.

Date Created February 25, 2003
Last Updated April 12, 2006