Text Get

Have you ever wanted to extract all of the text from a non-text file?

TextGet lets you extract all text from non-text files (binary files).

Bytes in a file can range from 0 to 255 in value. Characters in text ranges from 32 to 126 in value. This program displays any characters found in the text range.

Byte 9 is a tab and is also stripped out.

Bytes 13 and 10 are used in text files to stand for linefeed and return to stand for the end of a line. These are not in the text-range so they are filtered out. Therefore if this is run on a text file, all line-feeds and returns will get stripped out.

This program also lines up the output text in rows of 78 characters each so that it's easier to read.

  • Download TextGet
  • Check out the source code
  • Check out the output after running TextGet on my command.com file
  • TextGet is compressed using WinZip32
  • TextGet is a command-line 32 bit executable that requires 32 bit Windows (95/98/Me/NT3.1/NT4/2000/XP) to run
  • Limited Warranty
Date Created July 27, 1997
Last Updated April 12, 2006
Contact: patcoston@gmail.com