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Eating noodles. I'm not being rude. It's OK to slurp in Asia. It's OK to have food hanging out of your mouth as you shovel it in with your chopsticks. I did not touch up this pic to show you the huge water spot. The photos also had streaks and scratches. Quality is lost in developing the film then in scanning. I can't wait to get a digital camera. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Scaf and Tudung. About 1/3 of the women wear these on their heads, usually the Malaysian Muslims

The Astro TV guide comes in two editions. English and Chinese. This is the English version

The Chinese version of the Astro TV guide. Same content but re-arranged plus different pictures for the same thing

The Astro TV Guide is in magazine form but there is no room for show descriptions. The text is very small and everything is very condensed

High up above the city you can see the smoke from Indonesia clouding the view (Location: Komtar tower, Georgetown)

Behind me is a shopping center. The tall buildings are apartment buildings where you can rent a flat (Location: Penang International Sports Arena)

On the pier with fisherman (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Out for seafood drinking some kind of fruit combo drink (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Hanging babies taking a nap (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Kelly's sister's husband's sister ... did you follow all that? (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Kelly at the convention center (Location: Penang International Sports Arena)

Various fruit drinks at the Tuesday night market (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Kelly and friend (Location: Komtar tower, Georgetown)

Me and Kelly (Location: sea-wall, Gurney)

Haze from the fires in Indonesia (Location: Georgetown)

Kelly in the kitchen (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Fresh seafood dinner (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

The various eats I've collected on my tour around the Tuesday night Market. I'm holding durian flavored ice-cream. Durian is an odd tasting very smelly fruit that is both loved and hated. There are signs banning it on buses. I tried durian ice-cream. I had to throw it away. If I keep eating durian, I think it will grow on me. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Haze from Indonesia (Location: Bayan Baru)

Buddhist temple (Location: Wat Chaiyamangkalaran, Burma Road, Georgetown)

Kelly and I enjoying our seafood dinner (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Vegetables at the Tuesday night Market (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Visiting Buddhist Temple (Location: Burma Road, Georgetown)

Wireless laptops in the living room. Kelly likes to watch her Korean, Hong Kong and Chinese dramas (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Smoke from Indonesia as seen from the top of the Komtar tower (Location: Komtar tower, Georgetown)

Girls gathered around the fruit-shake stands. Kelly turned away right as I took the shot (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Buddhist Temple (Location: Burma Road, Georgetown)

Me and Kelly at the mall (Location: Prangin Mall, Georgetown)

Bicycles and motorcycles parked outside the Tuesday night market (I don't know whose hands that is) (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Hanging out eating seafood. They had an air-conditioned room to eat in. This is rare. Most of the time we eat out, we eat outside in the heat, usually next to a busy road (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Barefoot at the deaf church chatting with the pastor. The pastor can hear and teaches the sermon in English, Mandarin Chinese and Hokkien Chinese as well as sign language (Location: Jelutong)

Motorcycles are the most popular way to travel in Penang so you'll see rows of them parked everywhere (Location: Jelutong)

Visiting convention center for PC fair where we bought a wireless router / DSL modem (Location: Penang International Sports Arena)

Drink in a bag. It's very popular here. I'm guessing either because plastic bag is cheaper than a plastic cup or perhaps the ability to hang it is convenient. I tried whatever he is cooking behind me. It was good (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Kelly typing an sms (text message) to a friend. Sms is a great way for deaf to communicate. When we meet Kelly's friends at the mall they type each other messages to plan where to meet (Location: Penang International Sports Arena)

Hanging baby (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Kelly about to eat dinner outside at the local vendor (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Eating seafood for dinner (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Kelly and her laptop (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Buddhist Temple (Location: Wat Chaiyamangkalaran, Burma Road, Georgetown)

Kelly at convention center (Location: Penang International Sports Arena)

Kids playing sepak takraw. It's like volleyball but the ball is smaller and made of rattan. You can use your feet, head and body but you cannot use your arms and hands. Only boys play this game. Girls have their own game called Net Ball which is like basketball (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Smoke from Indonesia clouds this day. There were many pollution warning asking people to stay in doors. We took our chances. I don't remember coughing once. It actually smelled pretty good (Location: Burma Road, Georgetown)

Signs advertising various businesses down this road. The flash hit the low one just right (Location: Teluk Kumbar)

Inside of the Mall looks very modern (Location: Prangin Mall, Georgetown)

Rooftops from top of Komtar tower thru the smoke from Indonesia (Location: Komtar tower, Georgetown)

Hanging out with Kelly and her deaf friends (Location: Gurney)
Date Created September 2, 2005
Last Updated April 12, 2006