My Favorite TV Episodes

That 70's Show - The Disco Episode: This is the 7th show of the first season. There are some great moments between Hyde and Donna and Eric and Donna. But the funniest scene for me is this exchange between Red (Eric's dad) and Eric. Eric and friends have been smoking pot in the basement and Eric is quite toasted. Speaking of toast, he decides to go to the kitchen to make some and get the tape recorder to record their stoned conversations when Red walks in.
Red: Eric!
Eric: Yeah, dad. (He turns and looks at his father, and the wall behind him is crawling up and down.)
Red: Listen, I know you need gas money for Saturday night, so if you're willing to do a few extra chores, I'll uh, pay you ten dollars.
Eric: (Tries to adjust his eyes, but the wall is still crawling.) Sure I can do that.
Red: Now, I need you to sweep the garage, clean the leaves out of the gutters, pick up the dry cleaning, and uh, fix that shelf in the pantry. Uh, run that back to me.
Eric: Oh, kay, fix the shelf, sweep the garage, pick up the leaves ...
Red: Dry cleaning.
Eric: Yeah.
Red: The gutters.
Eric: Fix the gutters ...
Red: Clean, clean the gutters.
Eric: Clean out the gutters, fix the shelf, sweep the leaves ...
Red: The garage.
Eric: Fix the garage.
Red: Sweep it.
Eric: Sweep.
Red: Listen, I'm not gonna pay you ten dollars for nothing!
Eric: Sweep the garage, pick up the cleaning, clean up the gutters, fix the shelf.
Red: Do that, and you've got yourself gas money.
Eric: Didn't you say something about leaves?
Red: They're in the gutters.
Eric: Right. Pick 'em up. Clean 'em up! I gotta make toast.

Lexx: Episodes 2.18 (Brigadoom) and 4.18 (The Game). These two episodes deviate from the standard formula and are entirely original.
  • Episode 2.18: Brigadoom: Lexx discovers a small theater floating in space. Inside, the crew witnesses a musical chronicling the history of Kai's people. One by one they become part of the musical. It's the only Lexx episode you can hear what great voices Kai and Xev have.

    Part 1 of 5
    Part 2 of 5
    Part 3 of 5
    Part 4 of 5
    Part 5 of 5
  • Episode 4.18: The Game Prince challenges Kai to a game of chess where Xev and Stan die if he wins. The entire episode is a single game of chess. The set consists of the heads of the characters as chess pieces that actually die when taken.

    This is not any ordinary game of chess. This is the most brilliant game of chess I have ever seen. Myself and other chess experts have analyzed the game and are amazed how checkmate is had with two Knights. A very unlikely scenario.

Northern Exposure
Date Created January 16, 2003
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