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The most common site you will see when you see pictures of Teluk Kumbar on a web page

Kelly on the pier

Old motorbike

Palm Tree

Giant spider

Malay Hawker stand

Malay night market

You see many of these small stands selling drinks and food

A few houses down is this stand which is popular for breakfast

Here you see people at this stand for breakfast

selling Durian, the smelliest fruit imaginable

Local fruit market

Local fish market

Drying fish

Local Chinese pharmacy selling Chinese cures across from a brand new pharmacy selling modern cures

They love to wrap their hamburgers with egg. I ordered a plain hamburger and this is what I got

Local cafe usually filled with old men

Old home with newer apartment buildings towering above it

The view out a window from the house I live

Wheelie boy

Wheelie boys. There are gangs of boys that like to ride wheelies

Boys playing multiplayer LAN games in a local cyber cafe

Spraying for mosquitoes

riding thru the mosquito spray

Local Malay girl

Malay school bus

Teenage girl demonstrating the Asian squat. I see people everywhere hanging out squatting like this. I never see this in the US

Local home

Old shack that is someone's house

People don't like using seat belts for themselves or children. Instant death in any major accident

This car has been here so long it has 4 flat tires and has sunk in the ground and is overgrown

Local restaurant on the beach

Local Thai restaurant behind our house

Tree fort along the beach

Ruins from war in the 1930s and 1940s

Many neighborhoods can only be reached via these narrow street. Penang has no map of all streets

Open drainage is everywhere

Local stores

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