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00-Colorful Bangkok Taxis

Flying into Bangkok. Check out those farm fields

We were among the first to use the new airport. It was HUGE and Impressive!

Some of Kelly's family lives in Thailand. They met us at the airport

Homes in Asia filter and boil the water before they use it for drinking

We arrived shortly after a military coup. The army was everywhere

A boy posing with a tank. The public was happy about the coup. There have been many in Thailand and this was the most peaceful

Our taxi was a tuk-tuk

The view from inside a tuk-tuk

Going for a river ride. Check out that impressive bridge

River ride down the main river in Bangkok

Pat and Kelly on a river ride

Meeting Pim Pim and friends

Hanging out on the bridge as the sun sets

My 43rd birthday dinner with my friends from Thailand

I met Sri on chat then she introduced me to her sister Pim Pim

Pat, Kelly, Sri on a dinner boat

Pim Pim

Kelly and Pat dancing on the river boat for Pat's 43rd birthday

Pat, Sri and Pim Pim dancing

While visiting a market I bumped into this pile of books and the whole thing nearly came falling down. Kelly steps in to make things right

Third world countries have a lot of motorbikes! They have entire parking lots just for motorbikes

Young performers

Young kids were performing for money all over the market

All kinds of insects including crickets, grubs and grasshoppers

Check out this crazy dude. That's a motorbike taxi

Dinner with Kelly and Pat

Child on motorbike. The parent is more concerned the kid doesn't breathe pollution than if he'll split his head on concrete

The tallest building in Bangkok

Pictures of the King were everywhere

Bread and Butter. It's actually quite good but too silly to sell in the US

Dinner with Kelly and Pat

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