Image Shredder

ImageShredder is a program I'm writing that shreds images. My goal is to manipulate graphic images in some unique way. Over time I will add more features.

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An image is made up of pixels. Each pixel is made up of 3 bytes which are referred to as Red, Green and Blue or RGB. You can do anything you want with these bytes. Everytime you change the bytes, you change the image.

The most recent feature I added is blending two images together. So far I'm come up with a dozen different ways to combine the bytes of two different images. I'm sure I'll think of more ways over time.

I discovered if you blend an image with itself but offset it 1 pixel to the right and down then subtract or logically exlusive OR the RGB bytes, you get some interesting effects.

ImageShredder allows you to work with any combination of the RGB bytes. Newer features will allow you to specify alternate rows and columns. You'll be able to specify the thickness of the row or column. Another feature will allow you to operate on random pixels. Another will operate on it as though it's a kind of chess board and only perform the effect on the black or white squares of for example. You get the idea.

Date Created March 17, 2003
Last Updated April 12, 2006