Gallery 7

Return to Asia Adventure
Me off on another Mt. Bike adventure
Indonesian maid and child
Me and the wheelie boys
Kelly's step sister Quinn and daughter
Steep cement path that leads to sharp turn and cliff!
Kelly's nieces birthday party
Me in Thailand. Check out those motorbikes and the tangle of cables!
Kelly's sister Ee with kids
Wheelie boy. I challenged them to wheelie with one hand. No problem!
Fractal Fern
Kelly's sister Chu with sons
I was riding out in the middle of no where when it started to rain. At that moment I found shelter! The rain lasted 1 hour
Me ringing the prayer bells at a Buddhist temple
Kelly's nephew eating dinner
Kelly at market under bridge in Thailand
Kelly at the beach
Me, Kelly and parents atop Genting hill having dinner
Me, Kelly and friends
Date Created March 20, 2006
Last Updated April 12, 2006