Digital Devices I have owned

2011 Update: I'm retiring this page
When I started this page September 6, 1997, digital devices were unique. Digital voice-recorders were new. Digital cameras for the average person were new. MP3 audio players were new. Two brands of DVRs came out in 1999 and I bought both Tivo and Replay TV. The price of SLR Digital cameras came down to $5000 in 2000. The price for a digital SLR in 1999 was $10,000 and in 1998 it was $20,000 so it essentially was cut in half every year so in 2001 it would cost $2500. PDAs were also new back late 90s. Convergence was a big deal back then and it was predicted these different devices would merge into a single device and that's exactly want happened. The iPhone converged a wireless internet access PDA, digital camera for video and images, digital music player, digital voice recorder ... oh and a phone. So digital devices were a big deal back in 1997 but today they are common place and everything is a digital device so it makes this page moot but I'm leaving it up for historical purposes.
Digital Devices in 2008
AT&T Tilt - PDA Mobile Phone with 3 megapixel camera, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, 3G HSDPA, GPS, QWERTY keyboard, tilting screen like laptop
AT&T Tilt AT&T Tilt AT&T Tilt
Digital Devices in 2007
MCI Mega Stick 256 - Portable USB MP3/WMA player, voice recorder, radio, flash memory
Digital Devices in 2006
Nokia 2600 Cell Phone
Kodak EasyShare C310 Camera
Digital Devices in 2004
Nokia 3560 Cell Phone
Digital Devices in 2003
Wireless PDA and Cell Phone: Handspring Treo 300:
Digital Camera: Olympus D-450 Zoom
Digital Devices in 2002
Voice Recorder:
RCA RP 5007A

Cell Phone:

Digital Devices in 2001
Camera: - Kodak DC240 Zoom
Voice-Recorder: - Olympus DS-2000
PocketPC: PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hand-held computer Hewlitt Packard Jornada
Features: Color Screen, 120 MB Flash Card expandable memory
handwriting recognition, digital voice-recorder, MP3 Player, fold-out keyboard
Cel Phone: Sanyo SCP-4500 Digital Cel Phone with WAP Web Browser
Digital Devices in 2000
Camera: Nikon D1
Digital Devices in 1999

If you are trying to decide whether to get TiVo or ReplayTV, check out my TiVo vs Replay comparison page. There is also this great comparision chart for PVRs.

PVR: - Tivo

PVR: - Replay TV

Hand Held Device: Palm Pilot VII

Global Positioning: EarthMate GPS for laptop or hand-held - find yourself on the map using your laptop or hand-held computer
Digital Devices in 1998
Cel Phone: Digital Cel Phone with Web Browser
Walkman: Rio
Digital Devices in 1997

Camera: Kodak DC260

Digital Voice Recorder: Voice-It VT-300

Date Created September 6, 1997
Last Updated March 6, 2011