Stephen King: Ka

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All Stephen King novels, novellas and short-stories that mention Ka

As of The Institutue in 2019.
  1. The Dark Tower series (over 600 times, hard to count because of all those false-positive sound-effects, see Note at bottom)
  2. Insomnia (16 times)
  3. Hearts in Atlantis: Low Men in Yellow Coats (10 times)
  4. The Little Sisters of Eluria (7 times)
  5. Black House (5 times)
  6. Rose Madder (4 times)
  7. The Stand (2 times)
  8. Hearts in Atlantis: Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling (2 times)
  9. The Tommyknockers (1 time)
  10. The Outsider (1 time)
NOTE: The counts ignores sound-effect words like ka-bam, ka-thud, ka-pow, ka-bloom, ka-chonk, ka-bonzo, ka-pop, ka-wham (and many variations like ka-whamm, ka-whummm, and ka-whaaam), ka-floomp, ka-chow, ka-whud, and ka-bloosh, ka-spanggg, ka-whap, and ka-ka for poop.
Date Created November 27, 2019
Last Updated November 27, 2019