TV Shows I'm Currently Watching

Shows I'm watching as of March 2015 ordered by most favorite.

  • The Walking Dead (season 5)
  • The Last Man on Earth (season 1)
  • Man Seeking Woman (season 1)
  • Talking Dead (season 5)
  • Comic Book Men (season 4)
  • How I Met Your Mother (season 6)
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (only on NetFlix) (Season 1)
  • Better Call Saul (season 1)
  • CSI: Cyber (season 1)
  • Outrageous Acts of Science (season 3)
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong (season 1)
  • Face Off (skip to the end of each episode to see the creations) (season 8)
  • Conan (skim for guests I want to see) (season 5)
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (skim for guests I want to see) (season 2)
  • Late Show with David Letterman (skim for guests I want to see) (season 22)
  • All-Star Academy (season 1)
  • Tenacious D (re-runs I've never seen before) (only 1 season back in 2007)
  • Hollywood Treasure (season 2)
  • Tosh.0 (grossed out, skim for a few funny videos) (season 6)
  • Battle Creek (season 1)
Waiting for next season
  • Orphan Black - waiting for season 3
  • Restaurant: Impossible - waiting for season 8
  • American Ninja Warrior - waiting for season 7
  • Worst Cooks in America - waiting for season 7
  • Heroes of Cosplay - waiting for season 2
  • Halt and Catch Fire - waiting for season 2
  • Garfunkel and Oates - waiting for season 2
  • Ascension - waiting for season 2
  • Child Genius - waiting for season 2
  • Rectify - waiting for season 3
  • Maron - waiting for season 3
  • The Wil Wheaton Project - waiting for season 2
  • NOVA - waiting for season 43
  • The 100 - waiting for season 3
  • Louie - waiting for season 5
  • King of the Nerds - waiting for season 4
  • Under the Dome - waiting for season 3
  • Unsupervised - waiting for season 2
  • Science of Stupid - waiting for season 2
  • Extant - waiting for season 2
  • Inside Amy Schumer - waiting for season 3
  • Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - waiting for season 2
  • The Amazing Race - waiting for season 27
  • Kate Plus 8 - waiting for season 9
  • Dual Survival - waiting for season 6
  • Dude, You're Screwed - waiting for season 3

Shows I'm watching as of July 2013.

I don't have much to watch lately because I'm between seasons and my Tivo records "new shows only" in most cases.

Arrested Development released every episode of season 4 on NetFlix via streaming.

  • Dexter (Season 7 done) Tivo - waiting for season 8
  • The Walking Dead (Season 3 done) Tivo - waiting for season 4
  • The Talking Dead (Season 3 done) Tivo - waiting for season 4
  • The Nerdist (Season 1 done) Tivo - waiting for season 2
  • Breaking Bad (Season 5) Tivo - second half of season 5 starting soon
  • Louie (Season 3) Tivo - waiting for Season 4
  • Orphan Black (Season 1 done) Tivo - waiting for season 2
  • Maron (Season 1 done) Tivo - waiting for season 2
  • Wilfred (Season 3) Tivo
  • Naked and Afraid (Season) Tivo
  • Under the Dome - Tivo (this is like a mini-series)
  • Unsupervised (Season 1 done) Tivo - waiting for season 2 (if it wasn't cancelled)
  • Futurama (Season 7)
  • The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius (Season 1 done) - waiting for season 2
  • Rectify (Season 1) Tivo - waiting for second half of first season
  • The Bridge (Season 1) Tivo
  • Tosh.0 (Season 5 done) Tivo - waiting for Season 6
  • Comic Book Men (Season 1 done) Tivo - waiting for Season 2
  • The Mindy Project (Season 1 done) Tivo - waiting for Season 2
  • Inside Amy Schumer (Season 1 done) - waiting for Season 2
  • Hell's Kitchen (Season 11 done) Tivo - waiting for Season 12
  • Dual Survival (Season 3) Tivo - waiting for Season 4
  • Face Off (Season 3 done) Tivo - waiting for Season 4
  • Out There (Season 1 done) Tivo - waiting for Season 2
  • House, M.D. (Season 8) NetFlix DVD
  • Arrested Development (Season 4) NetFlix Streaming
  • How I Met Your Mother (Season 1) NetFlix Streaming
  • Restaurant Impossible (Season 6) Tivo
  • Star Trek (classic) Tivo - getting into watching old Star Trek episodes again

Other shows I watch sometimes on Adult Swim are Archer, Frisky Dingo, Ugly Americans, China IL, The Venture Bros., Titan Maximum

Other shows of interest are NTSF:SD:SUV:: and Children's Hospital

I also watch Letterman and Conan sometimes.

Shows I'm watching as of August 2010.

I'm still watching all of my TV on DVD from NetFlix. I finished watching every episode of Six Feet Under and Flight of the Conchords. Both shows were amazing. Except for the classics like Mission Impossible, Gilligan's Island and Lost in Space, I have not started watching the following shows yet but they are all about to be released in the next month. I had maxed out my NetFlix account at 8 DVDs at a time and I was keeping up with that pace until I got side-tracked on other personal projects so I cut myself back to 3 DVDS at a time.

  • Lost (Season 6)
  • Heroes (Season 4)
  • Dexter (Season 4)
  • House, M.D. (Season 6)
  • The Office (Season 6)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Season 6)
  • True Blood (Season 1) - never seen it, going to give it a try since I like Twilight
  • Big Bang Theory (Season 1)
  • Penn & Teller: Bull Sh*t (Season 1)
  • Gilligan's Island (Season 2)
  • Lost in Space (Season 3)
  • Mission Impossible (Season 1)

Shows I'm watching as of November 2009.

I'm still watching all my of TV on DVD from NetFlix. I did not get into Dead Like Me so I stopped watching it.

  • Heroes (Season 3)
  • The Office (Season 5)
  • Six Feet Under (Season 1)
  • Flight of the Conchords (Season 1)
  • Lost in Space (Season 2)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Season 5)

Show's I'm watching as of June 2008

Kelly and I moved and we no longer have a DVR. We don't have a TV. But we have NetFlix and I've been renting TV shows on DVD which I watch on my portable DVD player to catch up on my favorite shows since I've fallen behind while in Malaysia. These are the shows I'm watching or finished recently on DVD.

  • House, M.D.
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Lost
  • Heroes
  • The Office
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Dead Like Me
I may have already seen every episode of Freaks and Geeks but I'm renting the DVDs just to make sure I haven't missed any episodes. I typically skim or skip episodes that I've seen before.

Show's I've seen every episode recently.

  • Arrest Development
  • Space 1999
  • Undeclared
  • U.F.O.

Shows I'm watching as of March 2008.

Now that I have returned from Malaysia and have Tivo again, I am watching TV again. My commute to work is 4.5 hours per day so I have a portable DVD player to watch movies on my commute. I watch a lot of TV shows on DVD from NetFlix now.

  • Arrested Development (DVD)
  • The Office (DVD)
  • UFO (DVD)
  • Space 1999 (DVD)
  • Lost (DVD)
  • Heroes (DVD)
  • Grey's Anatomy (DVD)
  • I Shouldn't be Alive (Tivo)
  • MXC (Tivo)
  • Frisky Dingo (Tivo)
  • House, M.D. (DVD)
  • Survivor: Micronesia: Fans vs Favorites (Tivo)
  • Celebrity Apprentic (Tivo)
  • American Idol (Tivo)
  • Metolocalypse (Tivo)
  • The Boondocks (Tivo)
  • At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper (Tivo)
  • The Universe (Tivo)
  • Smash Lab (Tivo)
  • Shockwave (Tivo)
  • Dog Fights (Tivo)
  • Saturday Night Live (Tivo)
  • Ghost in the Shell: A Stand Alone Complex (Tivo)

Shows I'm watching as of September 2007.

I'm still living in a crowded house of TV addicts including many children who want to watch cartoons all day so I am giving up watching TV until I can return to the US and catch up watching my missed seasons of TV on DVD via NetFlix. Now the only thing I watch is Podcasts. The ones I mainly watch are ...

  • Rocketboom (PC)
  • Diggnation (PC)
  • The Totally Rad Show (PC)
  • iFanboy (PC)
  • MTV News (PC)
  • National Geographic (PC)
  • Weird America (PC)
  • Indy Mogal (PC)
  • CNN - In case you missed (PC)
  • MoBuzzTV (PC)
  • Access Hollywood (PC)
  • Discovery Channel (PC)
  • Channel Frederator (PC)
Other podcasts are audio only for example Twit, TalkCrunch and ScobleShow. My lack of TV has allowed me to explore these many alternatives including audible books.

I joined NetFlix since we are moving from Malaysia to USA in a week. I see that they have many of my favorite TV shows on DVD so I plan to catch-up on DVD since I have missed a lot of TV. Shows currently in my NetFlix queue are ...

  • Lost
  • Heroes
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • That 70's Show
  • Scrubs
  • The Office
  • Undeclared
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Arrested Development
  • Six Feet Under
  • Dead Like Me
  • Gilmore Girls

Shows I'm watching as of July 2006.

For the past two months I've stopped watching the Television and have shifted to watching TV on the Internet. It all started when I was checking out Digg and I came across Asemblr which had links to entire seasons of shows I liked. Asemblr does not host any of the content, they simply link to it but I discovered that sites like YouTube and DailyMotion had entire episodes of shows I liked! Watching TV on the Internet is actually more convenient for me since I live in a crowded house of TV watchers and the only time I could really have the TV to myself was after 2 am. But lately I've started to sleep at around 1 am so that stopped being an option so now 100% of my TV viewing is Interenet. Here are some of the shows I'm watching.

  1. The Office
  2. Heroes
  3. Mythbusters
  4. Penn & Teller: Bullshit!
  5. That 70s Show
  6. Friends
  7. Futurama
  8. Metalocalypse
  9. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  10. South Park
  11. The Venture Brothers
  12. Sealab 2021
  13. Family Guy
  14. Clerks
  15. American Dad
  16. Weeds
  17. The Simpsons
  18. The IT Crowd
  19. Jackass
  20. Firefly
  21. 3rd Rock From the Sun
  22. Viva La Bam

Shows I'm watching as of July 2006. I noticed a trend. I like to watch shows about smart people solving problems like CSI, House, M.D., Numb3rs and Mythbusters.
  1. Lost (Season 2)
  2. CSI (Season 6)
  3. CSI:NY
  4. House, M.D.
  5. Numb3rs
  6. Fear Factor
  7. Mythbusters

Shows I'm watching as of April 2006.
  1. Lost (Season 2)
  2. CSI (Season 6)
  3. CSI:NY
  4. Mythbusters
  5. The Amazing Race (season 9)

Shows I'm watching as of January 2006.
  1. Lost (Season 1)
How did I go from watching 49 shows to 1 show? I moved to Malaysia and got married and everything changed. Actually I rarely watch TV. I'm watching Season 1 of Lost on DVD on my PC. I'm living with my wife Kelly and her family and they have the TV on all day.

This is a full-house filled with parents, sisters and kids and the demand for the TV is very high. I tried watching Lost on TV but it conflicted with other shows people wanted to watch. So I purchased Season 1 on DVD. It's the pirated version which cost me about $2 per disk.

Previously I had Tivo to help me watch my favorite shows but here in Malaysia they don't have Tivo. They also don't have VCRs. Recording TV is not something they do.

I predict that once we get a place of our own, I'll get a TV with a Tivo and start watching more TV again. Unfortunately Malaysia is a year behind on most TV shows. I tried to watch NUMB3RS, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Battlestar Galactica and a few other shows but they were a year old and I had already seen them. Most of the shows I like aren't available in Malaysia.

If I'm really desperate, I can always download TV shows from the Internet.

Here are the shows I'm watching as of February 2005. 49 shows totalling about 35 hours per week! In reality I watch far less than that thanks to Tivo since I skip commercials, credits or parts I don't feel like watching. I also only watch First Runs and rarely watch an episode twice except for these shows: Malcolm in the Middle, Gilmore Girls, The Venture Brothers, Made, Viva La Bam, Drawn Together, Mission Hill, Scooby Doo. My 4 year old nephew likes to watch TV with me so we've been watching Scooby Doo, Static Shock, Teen Titans, Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man. I wouldn't normally watch those shows except for Teen Titans. For Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi I don't watch the cartoon. Only the 20 second bits that Ami and Yumi do in real life. I FF thru American Idol, Distraction, Saturday Night Live, The Playbook, Coming Attractions and just watch parts that look interesting. The family likes to gather and watch Amazing Race, The Apprentice, American Idol, Survivor. My favorite TV shows right now are Ghost in the Shell, Mission Hill, NUMB3RS, Monk, Ebert & Roeper, Cowboy Bebop, Gilmore Girls, Malcolm in the Middle. The Cartoon Channel has Adult Swim which is a collection of late night shows. I watch Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Harvey Birdman:Attorney at Law, Super Milk Chan, The Venture Brothers. I love all three CSI shows. I watch 14 Cartoons, 9 Reality shows, 9 Dramas, 6 Sitcoms, 2 SciFi.

* watchin since August 2004
** watching since December 2003
*** watching since January 2003
**** watching since September 2002
***** watching since January 2002
****** watching since June 2001
******* watching since Oct 1999

  1. Amazing Race 6 (CBS, Reality)
  2. American Idol (Fox, Contest)
  3. The Apprentice (NBC, Reality)
  4. Battlestar Galactica (USA, SciFi)
  5. Bernie Mac Show, The (Fox, Sitcom)*
  6. Coming Attractions (E!, Movie Previews)
  7. Cowboy Bebop (Toon, Cartoon)
  8. Crossing Jordan (NBC, Forensic Drama)
  9. CSI (CBS, Forensic Drama) *****
  10. CSI:Miami (CBS, Forensic Drama) ****
  11. CSI:NY (CBS, Forensic Drama)
  12. Distraction (Comedy, Game Show)
  13. Dog the Bounty Hunter (A&E, Reality)
  14. Drawn Together (Comedy, Cartoon)
  15. Ebert & Roeper (ABC, Move Reviews) ****
  16. Extreme Evidence (CourtTV, Documentary)
  17. Fearless (OLN, Documentary)
  18. Ghost in the Shell (Toon, Cartoon)
  19. Gilmore Girls (WB, Drama/Comedy) ****
  20. Grounded For Life (Fox, Sitcom) *****
  21. Harvey Birdman:Attorney at Law (Toon, Cartoon)
  22. Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi (Toon, Cartoon)
  23. Justice League Unlimited (Toon, Cartoon)
  24. Made (MTV, Reality)
  25. Malcolm in the Middle (Fox, Sitcom) ****
  26. Medical Investigation (NBC, Drama)
  27. Mission Hill (Toon, Cartoon)*
  28. Monk (USA, Detective Drama/Comedy)*
  29. Most, The (History, Documentary)
  30. Nip/Tuck (FX, Drama)*
  31. NUMB3RS (CBS, Drama)
  32. Playbook, The (SpikeTV, Instructional Comedy)
  33. Quintuplets (FOX, Sitcom)*
  34. Real World Season 15: Philadelphia, The (MTV, Reality)
  35. Real World / Road Rules Battle of the Sexes 2 (MTV, Reality)
  36. Saturday Night Live (NBC, Live Skit comedy) *******
  37. Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (CBS, Cartoon)
  38. Scrubs (NBC, Sitcom) ***
  39. Spider-Man (Family, Cartoon)
  40. Star Trek: Enterprise (UPN, SciFi) ****
  41. Static Shock (WB, Cartoon)
  42. Super Milk Chan (Toon, Cartoon)
  43. Surreal Life, the (VH1, Reality)
  44. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (FOX, Cartoon)
  45. Teen Titans (Toon, Cartoon)*
  46. True Life (MTV, Reality)
  47. Two and a Half Men (CBS, Sitcom)*
  48. Venture Brothers, the (Toon, Cartoon)
  49. Viva La Bam (MTV, Reality pranks)*

Here are the shows I'm watching as of August 2004. With NetFlix DVDs and XBox competing for my spare time, I've been watching less TV.

I would not be able to watch this many shows if it were not for Tivo. I Fast Forward thru most of most shows for example ...

  • 90 minute Saturday Night Live reduced to 20 minutes to watch my favorite skits or bands.
  • 60 minute Big Brother 5 reduced to 15 minutes for the highlights.
  • 60 minute Joe Schmo 2 reduced to 15 minute highlights.
  • 60 minute Fear Factor reduced to 15 minutes. I jsut want to see the stunts and skip the gross eating.
  • 60 minute Action star reduced to 5 or 10 minutes for me.
  • 60 minute Big reduced to 10 minutes.
  • 60 minute Extreme Dodgeball reduced to 20 minutes. It's mostly talk and intros. I just want to see the matches.
  • 60 minute Most Extreme Elimination Challenge reduced to 10 minutes. All reruns for me. I just FF to my favorite parts.
  • 30 minute Road Rules Extreme reduced to 10 minutes. I FF to see the extreme stuff
The following shows are part of Adult Swim and are only 10 minutes each
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Toon, Cartoon)
  • Sealab 2021 (Toon, Comedy) ***

* watchin since December 2003
** watching since January 2003
*** watching since September 2002
**** watching since January 2002
***** watching since June 2001
****** watching since Oct 1999

  1. Airline (A&E, Reality)
  2. Amish in the City (UPN, Reality)
  3. Amazing Race 5 (CBS, Reality)
  4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Toon, Cartoon)
  5. Bernie Mac Show, The (Fox, Sitcom)
  6. Big (DSC, Reality)
  7. Big Brother 5 (CBS, Reality)
  8. CSI (CBS, Forensic Drama) ****
  9. CSI:Miami (CBS, Forensic Drama) ***
  10. Dead Zone, the (USA, Drama/SciFi) ***
  11. Ebert & Roeper (ABC, Move Reviews) ***
  12. Extreme Dodgeball (GSN, Gameshow)
  13. Extreme Evidence (A&E, Forensic Documentary)
  14. Fear Factor (NBC, Reality)
  15. Gilmore Girls (WB, Drama/Comedy) ***
  16. Grounded For Life (Fox, Sitcom) ****
  17. Joe Schmo 2 (SpikeTV, Reality)
  18. Kenny vs Spenny (GSN, Gameshow)
  19. Lupin the Third (Toon, Cartoon)
  20. Malcolm in the Middle (Fox, Sitcom) ***
  21. Mission Hill (Toon, Cartoon)
  22. Monk (USA, Detective Drama/Comedy)
  23. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (SpikeTV, Game)
  24. Next Action Star (NBC, Reality Competition)
  25. Nip/Tuck (FX, Drama)
  26. Quintuplets (FOX, Sitcom)
  27. Real World Season 14: San Diego, The (MTV, Reality)
  28. Road Rules Season 13:X-TREME (MTV, Reality)
  29. Saturday Night Live (NBC, Live Skit comedy) ******
  30. Scrubs (NBC, Sitcom) **
  31. Sealab 2021 (Toon, Comedy) ***
  32. Simple Life 2, The (FOX, Reality)
  33. Star Trek: Enterprise (UPN, SciFi) ***
  34. Teen Titans (Toon, Cartoon)
  35. That 70's Show (Fox, Sitcom) ******
  36. Two and a Half Men (CBS, Sitcom)
  37. Viva La Bam (MTV, Reality pranks)

Here are the shows I'm watching as of December 2003
41 shows totalling 29 hours per week. In the past year I've cut back significantly on my TV viewing mainly because I'm working more hours now. MTV dominates with 10 shows followed by Fox 4, NBC 4, ABC 3, CBS 3, WB 3 and Toon 3, SciFi 2, Bravo 2, then 1 on UPN, Spike TV, USA, ETV, Comedy and Animal Channel.

* watching since January 2003
** watching since September 2002
*** watching since January 2002
**** watching since June 2001
***** watching since Oct 1999

  1. 20/20 (ABC, News Magazine) *
  2. 60 Minutes (ABC, News Magazine)
  3. Becoming (MTV, Reality)
  4. Behind the Scenes (ETV, Documentary)
  5. Bernie Mac Show, The (Fox, Sitcom)
  6. CSI (CBS, Forensic Drama) ***
  7. CSI:Miami (CBS, Forensic Drama) **
  8. Dead Zone, the (USA, Drama/SciFi) **
  9. Diary (MTV, Documentary)
  10. Ebert & Roeper (ABC, Move Reviews) **
  11. Everwood (WB, Drama) **
  12. Fraternity Life (MTV, Reality)
  13. Friends (NBC, Sitcom) *****
  14. Futurama (Toon, Cartoon)
  15. Gary & Mike (Comedy, stop-motion animation)
  16. Gilmore Girls (WB, Drama/Comedy) **
  17. Grounded For Life (Fox, Sitcom) ***
  18. Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo, Interview)
  19. Joe Schmo (NBC, Reality)
  20. King of the Jungle (Animal, Reality)
  21. Lexx (SciFi, SciFi) ****
  22. Made (MTV, Reality) *
  23. Making the Video (MTV, Documentary)
  24. Malcolm in the Middle (Fox, Sitcom) **
  25. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (SpikeTV, Game)
  26. Page to Screen (Bravo, Documentary)
  27. Punk'd (MTV, Reality pranks)
  28. Rich Girls (MTV, Reality)
  29. Samurai Jack (Toon, Cartoon)
  30. Saturday Night Live (NBC, Live Skit comedy) *****
  31. Scrubs (NBC, Sitcom) *
  32. Sealab 2020 (Toon, animation) **
  33. Sealab 2021 (Toon, Comedy) **
  34. Sharon Osbourne Show, The (WB, Talk Show)
  35. Star Trek (SciFi, SciFi)
  36. Star Trek: Enterprise (UPN, SciFi) **
  37. Survivor: Pearl Islands (CBS, Reality) ****
  38. That 70's Show (Fox, Sitcom) *****
  39. True Life (MTV, Documentary)
  40. Viva La Bam (MTV, Reality pranks)
  41. Wild Boyz (MTV, Comedy/Stunt/Documentary)

Here are the TV shows I'm watching as of January 2003
57 shows totalling 44 hours per week. Thru the magic of Tivo I watch far less than 44 hours per week. There has been a shift towards celebrity shows like The Surreal Life, Star Dates, Access Hollywood and E! True Hollywood Story. I've also gotten into competition shows like Global Extremes, Endurance, Junkyard Wars, Full Metal Challenge and No Boundaries. Favorite shows at the moment are The Surreal Life, 3 South, Battlebots, Cirque Du Soleil, Enterprise, Gilmore Girls, Sealab 2021, Made and Survivor.
* watching since September 2002
** watching since January 2002
*** watching since June 2001
**** watching since Oct 1999
  1. 20/20 (ABC, News)
  2. 3 South (MTV, animation)
  3. Access Hollywood (NBC, Entertainment News)
  4. American Idol (Fox, Reality)
  5. Andy Richter Controls the Universe (Fox, Sitcom)
  6. Anne Nicole Show (ETV, Celebrity Reality), The
  7. Battlebots (Comedy, battle competition)***
  8. Cirque Du Soleil:Fire Within (Bravo, Documentary)
  9. Clone High (MTV, animation)
  10. CSI (CBS, forensic drama)**
  11. CSI:Miami (CBS, forensic drama)*
  12. Dead Zone (USA, Drama/SciFi), The*
  13. E! True Hollywood Story (ETV, Celebrity Documentary), The
  14. Ebert & Roeper (ABC, Movie Reviews)*
  15. Endurance (NBC, Reality)
  16. Enterprise (UPN, science-fiction)*
  17. Everwood (WB, Drama)*
  18. Farscape (SciFi, science-fiction)
  19. Fastlane (MTV, Drama)
  20. Friends (NBC, Sitcom)****
  21. Full Metal Challenge (TLC, Reality)
  22. Gilmore Girls (WB, Drama)*
  23. Global Extremes:Mt. Everest (OLN, Outdoor Competition)
  24. Grounded For Life (FOX, Sitcom)**
  25. Hidden Hills (NBC, Sitcom)*
  26. High Country Climber (OLN, Outdoor Documentary)
  27. Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo, Celebrity Interview)
  28. Joe Millionaire (Fox, Reality)
  29. Junkyard Wars (TLC, Construction Competition)*
  30. Lexx (SciFi, campy science-fiction)***
  31. Made (MTV, Reality)
  32. Malcolm in the Middle (FOX, Sitcom)*
  33. Monk (USA, Crime Drama)*
  34. Monster Garage (DSC, Construction Competition)
  35. New Detectives, The (Discovery, Forensic Documentary)*
  36. No Boundaries (OLN, Outdoor Competition)
  37. Osbournes (MTV, Celebrity Reality), The*
  38. Rank (ETV)
  39. Real World:Las Vegas (MTV, Reality), The
  40. Saturday Night Live (NBC, sketch comedy)****
  41. Scrubs (NBC, Sitcom)
  42. Sealab 2020 (Toon, animation)
  43. Sealab 2021 (Toon, animaiton)
  44. Space Ghost:Coast to Coast (Comedy, animation)
  45. Star Dates (ETV, Celebrity Dating)
  46. Surreal Life (WB, Celebrity Reality), The
  47. Survivor (CBS, Reality) Thailand ended, Amazon starting***
  48. That 70's Show (FOX, Sitcom)****
  49. Travel Sick (Comedy, Travel Competition)*
  50. True Life (MTV, Documentary)
  51. Twilight Zone (SciFi, science-fiction), The*
  52. Twilight Zone (UPN, science-fiction), The
  53. Undergrads (MTV, animation)
  54. Warren Miller TV (OLN, ski documentary)
  55. Wild On ... (ETV, Travel Guide)
  56. Wild Survival (OLN, Survival Documentary)
  57. Will & Grace (NBC, Sitcom)

Here are the TV shows I'm watching as of September 2002
39 shows equalling 31 hours but with magic of my TiVo, I really only watch about 10 hours per week
My niece has influenced the shows I watch as I have influenced her.
I now like 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls because of her and she likes CSI and Survivor because of me.
I watch 3 forensic dramas and a forensic reality show.
* watching since January 2002
** watching since June 2001
*** watching since Oct 1999
  1. 30 Seconds to Fame
  2. 7th Heaven (drama)
  3. Amazing Race 3 (reality)
  4. Battlebots (robot competition)**
  5. Beat the Geeks (game show)
  6. Behind the Scenes (movie show)*
  7. Bernie Mac Show, The (sitcom)*
  8. Crossing Jordan (forensic drama)*
  9. CSI (forensic drama)*
  10. CSI: Miami (forensic drama)
  11. Dead Zone, The (scifi drama)
  12. Dog Eat Dog (competition game show)
  13. Ebert & Roeper (movie reviews)
  14. Elite, the (info news show)
  15. Enterprise (scifi)
  16. Everwood (drama)
  17. Fear Factor (competition game show)
  18. Firefly (new: intend to start watching) (scifi)
  19. Friends (sitcom)***
  20. Futurama (cartoon)
  21. Gilmore Girls (drama)
  22. Grounded For Life (sitcom)*
  23. Hidden Hills (new: intend to start watching) (drama)
  24. Jack Ass (stunts, pranks)**
  25. Junkyard Wars (building show)
  26. Lexx (scifi)**
  27. Malcolm in the Middle (sitcom)
  28. Monk (drama)
  29. New Detectives, The (forensic documentary)
  30. Osbournes, The (reality sitcom)
  31. Saturday Night Live (live skit comedy)***
  32. Scrubs (sitcom)*
  33. Senor Moby's House of Music (videos)
  34. Smallville (superhero drama)*
  35. StarGate SG-1 (scifi)
  36. Survivor: Thailand (reality)**
  37. That 70's Show (sitcom)***
  38. Travel Sick (travel challenge)
  39. Twilight Zone (b&w reruns - New Twighlight Zone started, but haven't been able to catch it yet)

Here are the TV shows I'm watching as of January 2002
40 shows equalling 30 hours but with magic of my TiVo, I really only watch about 10 hours per week
* watching since June 2001
** watching since Oct 1999
  1. 20/2 (news show)
  2. 24 (drama/action)
  3. 48 Hours (news show)
  4. 60 Minutes (news show)
  5. Adventure Quest (outdoor adventure)
  6. Adventure Highway (outdoor adventure)
  7. Adrenaline TV (reality)
  8. Alias (drama spy show)
  9. Ally McBeal (dramedy)**
  10. Amazing Race, The (reality competition)
  11. BattleBots (robot competition)*
  12. Beat the Geeks (game show)
  13. Behind the Scenes (movie show)
  14. Bernie Mac Show, The (family sitcom)
  15. Computer Chronicles (computer review)*
  16. Crossing Jordan (forensic drama)
  17. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (forensic drama)
  18. Exposure (short films)
  19. Friends (comedy)**
  20. Great Hikes (outdoors)
  21. Grounded For Life (family sitcom)
  22. High Country Climber (outdoor climbing)
  23. Jack Ass (stunts, pranks)*
  24. Junkyard Wars (building competition)*
  25. Just Shoot Me (sitcom)*
  26. Lexx, The (campy sci-fi)*
  27. Maybe it's me (family sitcom)
  28. Net Cafe (internet show)*
  29. Saturday Night Live (skit comedy)**
  30. Scrubs (doctor sitcom)
  31. Smallville (superhero drama)
  32. Smush (game show)
  33. Springboard: Exploring the digital age (technology talk show)
  34. Star Trek: Enterprise
  35. Survivor 3 Africa (reality competition)*
  36. That 70's Show (comedy)**
  37. Tic, The (superhero sitcom)
  38. Undeclared (college sitcom)
  39. Warren Miller TV (ski documentary)
  40. Wild Survival (documentary)

Here are the TV shows I'm watching as of June 2001 (*were on last list Oct 1999)
  1. Daria (cartoon)*
  2. Futurama (cartoon)*
  3. That 70's Show (comedy)*
  4. Friends (comedy)*
  5. Saturday Night Live (skit comedy)*
  6. Ally McBeal (dramedy)*
  7. C|Net (computer)*
  8. Northern Exposure (drama)*
  9. Survivor 2 Australia (reality)
  10. Boot Camp (reality)
  11. The Mole (reality)
  12. Real World (reality)
  13. Croc Files (nature)
  14. Gary & Mike (claymation)
  15. Just Shoot Me (sitcom)
  16. Home Improvement (sitcom)
  17. Malcolm in the Middle (sitcom)
  18. Lone Guman (drama)
  19. The Lexx (sci-fi)
  20. Jack Ass (stunts, pranks)
  21. Junkyard Wars (building competition)
  22. Net Cafe (internet show)
  23. Computer Chronicles (computer review)
  24. Digital Age (computer talk show)
  25. C|Net News (computer news)
  26. underGRADS (cartoon)
  27. BattleBots (robot competition)
  28. Robotica (robot competition)
  29. Action Man (computer generated cartoon)

Here are the TV shows I'm watching as of October, 1999
  1. Daria (cartoon)
  2. Downtown (cartoon)
  3. South Park (cartoon)
  4. Futurama (cartoon)
  5. Family Guy (cartoon)
  6. Simpsons (cartoon)
  7. Arliss (comedy)
  8. That 70's Show (comedy)
  9. Friends (comedy)
  10. Saturday Night Live (skit comedy)
  11. Sex in the City (comedy)
  12. Red Dwarf (comediy/scifi)
  13. Farscape (scifi)
  14. Star Trek: Voyager (scifi)
  15. Northern Exposure (drama)
  16. Quincy (drama)
  17. Ally McBeal (dramedy)
  18. C|Net (computer)
  19. The New Edge (technology)
  20. The Web (computer)
  21. Cool Tech (technology)
  22. Digital Duo (computer)
  23. Science and Technology Week (technology)
  24. Extreme Machines
  25. Real World (reality)
  26. Police Scariest Chases (reality)
  27. 120 Minutes (music videos)
  28. Roger Ebert & The Movies (review)
Date Created October 7, 1999
Last Updated March 17, 2015