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beach1.jpg For the story behind this map visit my blog
beach2.jpg My bike on the boulders just before attempting to take my bike to a remote beach carrying it over large boulders. I failed (details on blog)
beach3.jpg Huge boulder on side of path of hill (details on blog)
beach4.jpg The magical remote beach I finally reached (details on blog)
beach5.jpg Tree growing on top of boulder with its roots reaching down over the rock (details on blog)
beach6.jpg Finding shelter from the rain under a large boulder (details on blog)
Penang01.jpg About to ride around Penang island. The trip took 10 hours. (details on blog)
Penang02.jpg Bike ride around Penang: Muslim Mosque. This is a major road and yet they park in the road because of lack of parking. Many people also ride their motorbikes against traffic as a short cut (details on blog)
Penang03.jpg Bike ride around Penang: On my first attempt to ride around Penang Island I realized I had gone the wrong way when I spotted this island. I recognized this island and it was no where near where I was supposed to be. There were no islands where I thought I was. (details on blog)
Penang04.jpg Bike ride around Penang: It's amazing how they have plantations carved out of the side of mountains. I saw this while bicycle around Penang Island (details on blog)
Penang05.jpg Bike ride around Penang: Travelling thru Palik Pulau, a small village located in a valley surrounded by mountains (details on blog)
Penang06.jpg Bike ride around Penang: About to ride up mountain #2. As you can see by the sign, it is not a straight road (details on blog)
Penang07.jpg Bike ride around Penang: Balik Pulau from above (details on blog)
Penang08.jpg Bike ride around Penang: Muslim school girls in Balik Pulau (details on blog)
Penang09.jpg Bike ride around Penang: bulding temporary bridge so they can repair road. Erosion is destroying this mountain road (details on blog)
Penang10.jpg Bike ride around Penang: Petronas has the most modern gas stations. Petronas built the Petronas Towers which are the tallest twin towers in the world, located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia (details on blog)
Penang11.jpg Bike ride around Penang: Teluk Kumar from atop the hill (details on blog)
Penang12.jpg Bike ride around Penang: This is a very common sight. Massive boulders are sliding down the hill and destroying the road over time. (details on blog)
Penang13.jpg Bike ride around Penang: The center of Balik Pulau. You can see the large hills that overshadow it in the distance (details on blog)
Penang14.jpg Bike ride around Penang: New house next to old house in Teluk Kumbar (details on blog)
Penang15.jpg Bike ride around Penang: Plantation on hill (details on blog)
Date Created December 9, 2005
Last Updated April 12, 2006