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It seems that most of the Malaysian flags I see are torn and worn. They don't have the same pride that American's have in their flag. Or maybe their just too poor to afford a new flag.
My mom & dad at Genting Hill, this restaurant at the top of the mountain. It's beautiful up there day or night.
Kelly and I dinner at Genting Hill
Wheelie-Boy showing me that he can do a wheelie in a circle. I kept challenging them but they always met my challenge. They are masters of the wheelie.
Mom at Genting Hill
Me atop Penang Hill, the highest point on Penang Island. There is a trolley that will take you to the top for about $1. You can take your bike for about 25 cents
The Indonesian maids with Kelly's brother's two daughters
The wheelie boys riding off into the sunset
Birthdays for the children are a big thing. The kids often blow out the candles when it's a birthday for the adults.
I'm too big for Asia! They had these cool taxis in Thailand. I'm pretty sure I saw these in the movie 'The Beach' ... great movie!
Kelly at the Festival of Colors ... celebrating the variety of people in Penang ... Chinese, Malay and Indian basically. It's rare to see anyone else ... maybe someone from Thailand
Kelly at Buddhist temple in Thailand
Kelly walking the streets in Thailand
Kelly's friends ... the couple and their child are all deaf.
Kelly and the maids from Indonesia
The wheelie boys
Kelly's friends. Both are deaf but the kids can hear
Kelly checking her email on my newly fixed PC which died shortly later. I ended up buying a new Pentium D which is much better!
Me at the festival of colors
This cement path is much steeper than it seems. It's nearly impossible to push a bicycle up. It gets slippery from moss in the shade and to make matters worse, there's a sharp turn before a cliff.
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