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These pictures were taken with a film camera and scanned in. Unfortunately the development process left streaks and water-marks on the pics and the scanner had dust, hair and other debris under the glass we could not clean. I had to touch up every picture as best I could. Click to see the full sized original.
Malaysia001.jpg Visiting Snake Temple (Location: Bayan Lepas) (more info)
Malaysia024.jpg Snake Temple - poisonous snakes with fangs removed. I'm sweating like a pig! (Location: Bayan Lepas)
Malaysia025.jpg Snake Temple. There weren't many snakes here. And the snake pics where very expensive! (Location: Bayan Lepas)
Malaysia018.jpg Cannon at Fort Cornwallis. I cheated and removed poles, cables and people from the background. Ya gotta love digital pics! (Location: Georgetown) (more info)
Malaysia019.jpg Kelly and I playing the part at Fort Cornwallis (Location: Georgetown)
Malaysia023.jpg Friendly bird at zoo. Yet another pic where I'm sweating like a pig. (Location: Bukit Jumbal)
Malaysia034.jpg Visiting Museum about History of Malaysia. I actually learned a lot about Malaysia. (Location: Georgetown)
Malaysia035.jpg Visiting sea wall with Kelly (Location: Georgetown)
Malaysia002.jpg The fishing village I live. Just wait until I get my digital camera! There are so many photo ops but I don't want to waste Kellys film. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia003.jpg More motorcycles than cars. Driving on Left (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia004.jpg Taking a walk thru a Malaysian neighborhood. Must always carry water to avoid dehydration. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia005.jpg Thai restaurant behind house. I love the Tom Yam! (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia006.jpg Taking a walk thru Malaysian neighborhood. Some neighborhoods are mostly Chinese and some are mostly Indian. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia008.jpg Open drainage diches line most roads. Cars can easily drive into them. One has to be careful when the pull off the road (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia013.jpg Caged windows on apartments. Are they preventing people from going in or out? (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia020.jpg They've got a different word for everything (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia026.jpg Strange Fruit at Malaysian food stand. The man wanted to know what I wanted. Since I'm the only white person in that city, I stand out. Sometimes total strangers call out my name. Apparently people are talking about me. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia028.jpg Malaysian food stands. Muslim woman with traditional head dress. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia027.jpg Standing next to drainage ditch carrying my water. It was very hot that day! (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia030.jpg Poor area standing over drainage ditch (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia014.jpg Strange shale rock I've never seen before. Kelly takes so long to take the picture I started looking around (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia015.jpg Malaysian shaved ice dessert with frosting, nuts, beans, corn, syrups, gumballs ... the taste constantly changed from beginning to end (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia022.jpg Malt drink at Malaysia food stand. Eating Roti Canai. They start with bread dough and divide it into tennis ball sizes pieces which are spun until they are paper thin three feet in diameter then folded and collapsed into small ball and fried on griddle and surved with curry and filled with egg and chopped onions (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia031.jpg Taking a walk on the peir. People fish off this peir with poles and net. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia032.jpg Hills of Penang (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia033.jpg Island out to sea (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia037.jpg Kelly on bike near house (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia011.jpg Kelly's house. I'm standing in the parking lot for the cars and motorcycles. Convenience store and Beauty Shop are part of house. Door to house open to store so shopper can look in. This is common in Penang. Store and house are often connected and shoppers can peer right into the house (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia029.jpg Kelly's family store. Yeoh Ah Bee is father's name. Half of the store is outside and half inside. (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia036.jpg Kelly working in family store (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia039.jpg Inside of family store (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia038.jpg Inside of family store (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia009.jpg Boats trapped by low-tide (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia007.jpg Kelly low-tide (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia016.jpg Kelly at low tide (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia010.jpg Low tide (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia012.jpg Low-tide (Location: Teluk Kumbar)
Malaysia040.jpg In many places you must pay to use public restroom. Toilet paper cost extra. Cost RM 0.20 (USD 0.05). Toilet paper RM 0.30 (USD 0.08) (Location: Kuala Lumpur)
Date Created October 18, 2005
Last Updated April 12, 2006