TV Shows I've seen every episode

Star Trek is the first show I remember realizing that I had seen every episode
Cancelled Shows
Ascension (Mini series that never went to series)
Arrested Development (all 3 TV seasons, have seasons 4 and 5 on NetFlix)
Battlebots (Seasons 2-3 out of 5 seasons total)
The Big Bang Theory (all 12 seasons)
Boot Camp (only had 1 season)
Breaking Bad (all 5 seasons)
The Cosby Show (all 8 seasons)
Comic Book Men (all 7 seasons)
Crossing Jordan (Season 1 out of 6 seasons total)
CSI (Season 1 out of 15 seasons so far)
CSI Miami (Season 1 out of 10 seasons total)
CSI New York (No seasons out of 9 seasons total)
The Dead Zone (Season 1 out of 6 seasons total)
Dexter (all 8 seasons)
Dude, You're Screwed (all 2 Seasons)
Everwood (Season 1 out of 4 seasons total)
Extant (Seasons 1 and 2)
Fear Factor (Season 1 out of 6 seasons total)
For All Mankind (Seasons 1 and 2)
Friends (Seasons 1-3 out of 10 seasons total)
Flight of the Conchords (all 2 seasons)
Freaks and Geeks (only had 1 season)
Futurama (all 7 seasons)
Garfunkel and Oates (only 1 season)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (only had 1 season)
Gilligan's Island (Season 1-2 out of 3 total)
Grounded For Life (Season 1 out of 5 total)
Halt and Catch Fire (all 4 seasons)
Hawkeye (Season 1)
Heroes (all 5 seasons)
Home Improvement (all 8 seasons 2X)
House (all 8 seasons)
How I Met Your Mother (all 9 seasons)
Jackass (all 3 seasons 3X)
Land of the Lost (all 3 seasons)
Legion of Super Heroes (only had 1 season)
The Leftovers (all 3 seasons)
Lexx (all 4 seasons 4X)
Lost (all 6 seasons)
Lost in Space (all 3 seasons)
Louie (All 5 seasons)
Maron (All 4 seasons)
The Osbournes (Season 1 out of 4 total)
Mission Impossible (Season 1 out of 7 seasons total)
Monk (Season 1 out of 8 seasons total)
The Mole (US TV Series) (Seasons 1-2 out of 5 seasons total)
Northern Exposure (all 6 seasons 5X)
NTSF:SD:SUV:: (Season 1 out of 3 seasons so far)
The Office (UK TV Series) (all 2 seasons)
The Office (US TV Series) (Seasons 1-7 out of 9 seasons total)
Rectify (all 4 seasons)
The Right Stuff (Season 1)
Quark (only had 1 season)
Scrubs (Season 1 out of 9 seasons total)
Six Feet Under (all 5 seasons)
Space 1999 (all 3 seasons)
The Starlost (only 1 season)
Star Trek (all 3 seasons 5X)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (all 7 seasons 2X)
Star Trek: Voyager (all 7 seasons)
Star Trek: Enterprise (Season 1 out of 4 seasons total)
That 70's Show (Seasons 1-4 out of 8 seasons) (3X)
The Tic (all 3 seasons)
Twilight Zone (all 5 seasons)
UFO (only had 1 season)
Undeclared (only had 1 season)
Under the Dome (All 3 seasons)
underGrads (only had 1 season)
Unsupervised (only had 1 season)
The Wil Wheaton Project (only had 1 season)
Wilfred (US TV Series) (Seasons 1-3 out of 4 total)
Young Sheldon (Seasons 1 and 2 of 3)
On Air shows I DO plan to watch
Battlebots (Reboot Seasons 1 out of 8 so far)
Child Genius (all 2 seasons)
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Season 1 of 1 season so far)
Restaurant: Impossible (Seasons 7-12 out of 12 so far)
Silicon Valley (Seasons 1 out of 5 so far)
The Walking Dead (10 of 11 seasons)
WandaVision (Season 1)
  • Shows that are still in progress, I list them by seasons
  • I saw the first Survivor episode but I never saw the rest of the season
  • I missed the first half of the first Battlebots season
  • (5X) means I've seen every show about 5 times on average
  • I wasn't into the Star Trek:Deep Space 9 so I hardly watched that
  • Real World - starting with Season 10, return to New York, I stopped watching for some reason but I have enjoyed some of season 12, Las Vegas

Almost seen every show
Earth 2
Family Ties
Get Smart
The Gilmore Girls
I Dream of Jeanie
The Kids in the Hall
The Little Rascals - before "Our Gang"
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Quincy, ME
Red Dwarf
Speed Racer
Wild Thornberries

TV Shows that I intend to see every episode
3 South
Abbott & Costello
The Adams Family
All in the Family
Battlestar Galactica (old)
The Bowery Boys
Earth 2
The East Side Kids
The Flying Nun
Get Smart
The Gilmore Girls
Grounded for Life
Here Come the Double Decker's
Land Of The Giants
The Little Rascals
Mission Hill
The Mod Squad
The Munsters
The Odd Couple
The Partridge Family
Please don't eat the daises
Red Dwarf
Samurai Jack
Sealab 2021
Speed Racer
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: Voyager
That 70's Show
That Girl
Twin Peaks
The Venture Bros
Wait Til Your Father Gets Home
Welcome Back, Kotter
The Wild, Wild West
The Wonder Years
Young Sheldon (Seasons 1-3 of 4)
Date Created January 14, 2003
Last Updated April 1, 2024