Swap String

Have you ever wanted to make a global search-n-replace through hundreds of files?
  • Description: A global search-n-replace utility for text files
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  • TextGet is compressed using WinZip32
  • TextGet is a command-line 32 bit executable that requires 32 bit Windows 95+ to run
  • Limited Warranty

DESCRIPTION: Searches file(s) for string1 and replaces it with string2

SYNTAX: SWAPSTRING <filter> <outdir> <fromstr> <tostr> <case sensitive>
<filter> - this can be single file name or a filter using wild characters
<outdir> - output directory: relative or absolute
<fromstr> - the string you want replaced
<tostr> - the string to replace it with
<case sensitive> - do a case sensitive search on the 'from' string?
0=case insensitive
1=case sensitive

SWAPSTRING FILE.TXT out this that 0
SWAPSTRING *.TXT c:\here Before AFTER 1

NOTES: Output directory must not be current directory.

Input directory must be current directory.
This program makes substitutions one line at a time,
therefore the input file cannot be the same as the output file.
If the output directory does not exist, it is created.
Date Created July 27, 1997
Last Updated February 13, 2011
Contact: patcoston@gmail.com