Does trailing white-space annoy you?
StripEnd removes all trailing white-spaces in a text file.

I use it to reduce the size of my web pages. Trailing white-space serves no purpose and in the case of a web page, makes it longer to download.

I also use it on the code I write. Besides that fact that trailing white-space in code is a pet-peeve of mine, it also reduces the compile time because there's less to parse. For a large program that gets compiled a lot, this could add up to some significant time savings.

  • Download StripEnd
  • StripEnd is compressed using WinZip32
  • StripEnd is a command-line 32 bit executable that requires 32 bit Windows (95/98/Me/NT3.1/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7) to run
  • Limited Warranty
Date Created July 27, 1997
Last Updated February 13, 2011