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This page is dedicated to YouTuber and author Edward Lorn for this review on The Long Walk where he mentioned there is a lot of repetition.
After hearing that, I would listen for, and even search for things that repeated, reused and recycled, and this list grew far bigger than expected.

Here are my raw notes that haven't been added to the data yet. I'll never be done, but I figure I've found about 20% of the things Stephen King repeats. Much more data to add!

To search all Stephen King stories, I purchased all his novels, novellas and short-story collections on the eBook reader Kobo.
Kobo can only search one book at a time, so I converted all of the eBooks to text files using PDFMate eBook Converter Professional.
I used Visual Studio Code to search all books and get an easy to read search result, then jump to that occurrence in that book.

The data does not include Rage because it's out of print, including eBooks and Audio.
The data does not include The Institutue, or any books published after it.

  • Novels
  • Novellas
  • Collections of short-stories
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Date Created December 5, 2018
Last Updated August 18, 2019