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Train was very clean and modern

I saw many people taking pictures of this poster. It's serious yet funny at the same time

Lines reminded people to stand aside and let people off

There were about 15 people flying these remote control gliders with lights. It was amazing to watch. I want one!

Kelly eating dinner before the fireworks. She was trying Ham and creamcheese for the first time. It made her sick since she doesn't like cheese

Pat and Kelly right before the fireworks

The skyline right before the fireworks

Taking pictures of fireworks is always hard to do but I tried anyway

Tens of thousands of people watching the fireworks

Love us, Not Eat Us! Sign on door

No Durians. They have the same sign in Malaysia. There's no fine if you do though

Singapore has very strict rules but is a very clean and safe city. Punishment for trafficking drugs is death. They even banned chewing gum

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