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Kelly leading the way

Kelly in front of a local school

Kelly heading down the road

Pat posing by a tire sign

We turned off the main road onto this smaller road

A local house drying clothes. Nobody uses dryers in their house. A motorbike with teens speeds by

The ice cream truck is a motorbike

Surrounded by Palm Trees

An old abandon house

Heading into the forest

time to start climbing the hill

Taking a break

This hill is tiring me out

Bananas growing right over the cement path

Off the cement path into the jungle

Kelly uses a stick to knock down spider webs

The jungle grows thicker

We made a wrong turn and had to climb up some boulders

Kelly losing her balance next to a 10 foot drop

Safe at last at the top of the boulder climb

Nearing the top of the mountain ... very tired and breathing heavily

Heading into the dark deep forest


Breathing heavily at the top

Balik Pulau stretches out in front of us

The rice fields of Balik Pulau

Time to head down the hill

Check out this crazy tree

My shirt is soaked with sweat

Someone dumped a computer monitor all the way up here

Starting to walk down the cement path

Balik Pulau thru the trees

Kelly wait up! She's getting far ahead of me

Stick holding up branch over trail

Walking backwards because my muscles are too sore to walk forward

BERHENTI means STOP. This sign needs replacing

Heading down the road looking for a Taxi

These nice people stopped and gave us a ride to the bus station

Exhausted and heading home on the bus

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