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The view out of our apartment

Satellite dishes outside the apartment we stayed

The moms and aunts in the back row went their separate ways and were never seen again

Kelly’s group of friends from Kuala Lumpur. All members of the Jesus Saves Mission and all deaf except for the boy

Enjoying some Chinese steam boat ... not. Im not a big fan of Chinese food

Panoramic view of the Boh Tea hills

Kelly's self portrait with the beautiful hills of Boh Tea behind her

The gang at Boh Tea

Both tea trims the bushes with this two person clipper

The single lane road to Boh Tea provided lots of challenges when passing oncoming traffic

I love the way Malaysian's spell. Words sound as they are spelled although they do have different rules than English

We decided not to visit the butterfly farm but I found this butterfly outside

We visited a bee farm. We were told not to panic if bees fly near us

The gang in a strawberry patch

Those strawberries are not quite ready

We visited a rose garden with a lot of steps

Man praying at top of rose garden

Panoramic view of the rose garden

Kelly and friend at gardens

Kellyl at the garden

Kelly enjoying her rice on the leaf of a palm tree

I had my favorite Indian food, Roti Canai, this time with eggs, onions and cheese

We visited a primitive aborigine village and mingled with the natives

We got to shoot the blow dart into a target. Kelly missed

Kelly offered me some advise and the native helped me aim and I hit the target

We visited the hut which was built on stilts. They actually had an indoor fire

We visited the largest waterfall in Malaysia. There were many people bathing

We walked up the stairs but this fallen tree blocked our path

Panoramic view of the waterfall

The all day tour took its toll on most of us. Everyone was asleep but Kelly awoke right before I snapped this pic

Bonus picture of Kelly at Cameron Highlands before we met

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