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The steep and winding road up to Genting Hill is about 2 km long and one of the scariest and most fun parts of visiting Genting Hill

Driving down from Genting Hill. I love riding my bike down this hill. If you don't have good brakes, you could die

Engage Low Gear. Good advice

The final stretch of road to the top. I finally rode my bike to the top without stopping after 1.5 years of trying

Kelly and I rented a motorbike and drove to the top. The view to the east and west is amazing, both ocean views

I thought this sign misspelled PARK FREE but later I figured out that they don't serve pork

Giant Animals surround you up here

Giant plants surround you as well

The waitresses are all cute Thai girls. That yellow stuff on her face is sand that helps keep her cool

The same waitress after she got cleaned up. Our friend Nori from Japan wanted his picture taken with Marween

Group shot L-R Jeffrey, Nori, Pat, Kelly

Enjoying dinner and the amazing view

Behind me is pictures of people from different countries that have visited Penang Hill.jpg

Beautiful plants are everywhere

More giant animals ... or small elephants

Bridge across nothing but lawn

One of the 3 chalets available for lodging

walkway to a boat chalet

sideview of boat chalet

In Malaysia there is always a public sink for restaurants and bathrooms. Notice how the water drops into the open drain below

My parents visited Malaysia and Kelly and I took them to Genting Hill for an amazing dinner at night in one of this private huts

One of the many huts on stilts you can eat and enjoy the great view

Me and Kelly enjoying the good Thai food

Me and Kelly. Behind us is the city we live, Teluk Kumbar

Genting hill is a lot of fun and a very magical place to get away

Visiting with friends. Kelly's friends are also deaf

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