SimCity 2000 Cheats for DOS
Easter Egg: A Pre-programmed, hidden and undocumented feature inserted by the programmer for their own enjoyment.
  • cass - gives $$$ in $250 increments
  • damn, darn, heck - sign on screen appears, says "Same to you, buddy!", if used too many times, the Church Virus is launched!
  • fund - gives $10K bond at 25% interest. see below for double fund trick used with this Easter Egg!
  • memy - shows available memory in current disk drive (doesn't work well with Pentiums)
  • porn - if sound card available, listen to your speaker! Note: This is unavailable in version 1.1

Double Fund Trick:

Above is described the Fund code, that gives you a $10K bond at 25% interest. But, that's a yukky old 25% bond! Let's make those numbers mean something to us.

NOTE: You MUST not build ANYTHING before this, or the code will not work.

Do the following:

  1. type fund
  2. press <ENTER> to accept the bond
  3. accept another 25% bond
  4. go into the Budget window (the one with taxes, funding and bond information)
  5. Click on the book icon under 'Bond Payments'. It will bring up a screen that shows your current fund ratings.
  6. Click on 'Repay Bond', and repay one of your bonds. Take a look at your interest rate. It should say .% . That's what you want.
  7. Exit the Budget window
  8. turn the speed on Cheetah, and each year, you should rack up another $1.5Mil each year!

Mega Cheat:

The following gives you $500,000 and makes all rewards available. It may seem like an insane combination of things to press and click, but it actually works!

It's recommended that you:

  1. pause your city before starting this sequence. You don't want to be interrupted by some event like a newspaper popping up.
  2. change your mouse to the centering tool.
  3. note your funds and awards before you start this sequence. That way you can confirm that it works.

Do the following:

  1. Press control-F3 (hold down the Ctrl button and press the F3 button)
  2. Click on the rotate counter-clockwise button (left rotate button)
  3. Click on resize button (lower right of window)
  4. Click on Status Window (weather icon)
  5. Click on Population Icon (toolbar button with three people)
  6. Click anywhere inside the city window
  7. Click on the line between Riots and No Disasters in the disasters menu.

There do not seem to be penalties for doing this, and there seem to be no limits on the number of times. It does not seem to interfere with the bonds cheat either.

Aaron O'Donnell ( claims "there is a consequecne for doing the mega-cheat: You are not offered a military base." This has not been confirmed by ClubOpolis, but we will look into this.

Other cool stuff:
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A word of warning from Juan Noyles... I've also found out that you can make FUND give around $1.5MM/year by playing around and creating a portfolio of about 4 bonds with "," or "." initial rates, but it gets kinda hard to spend all that cash in a reasonable city. I learned the hard way that running such a city overnight gets you kicked out of office because eventually your treasury goes from $2.099B to $2.1 billion, which is (apparently) negative zero in the game...
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