How to make a Launch Arcology actually launch

Question: Does the Launch Arco get launched into the space? According to the book Simcity 2000 Power, Politics and Planning, the Launch Arco does not get launched into the space. Can someone please clarify this for me?"

Answer by Jerry Moore: While trying to squeeze a few more Sims into my largest city, I tried using the magic eraser trick to "rub" out all the arcologies, rezone the space, and see if I could add more Residential and Commercial zones while retaining the arco population. Everything seemed to be working, I could no longer see the arcos, my population was still over 9.3 million and growing. Then I get a message on the screen that says The exodus has begun!

I click on this window and shortly thereafter another window pops up with a message that says Your launch arcos have departed into space to found new worlds. You have been compensated for their construction.

Since I've erased the arcos I can't see any change, but then my available funds go "UP" by 14 million dollars. I guess I was compensated. Boy I love this game; always new surprises.

On another Windows city, I was able to see all of the arcos launch into space. The don't really take off, it's just as if you hit them with the bulldozer tool and they disintegrate.

The sim seems to remember the sequence in which the arcos were placed since they start to launch in this same sequence. As best as I can figure out, the arcos launch in DOS version 1.1 and Windows. They do not launch in DOS versions 1.0 and 1.01.

Jerry Moore: Being the packrat that I am, I've saved every version of SC2K. I have 5 DOS versions, two Win3.1 versions and 1 Win95 version. The new "Collectors Edition" is on order from Maxis. ALL of this software, with the exception of DOS versions 1.0 and 1.01 will "launch the arcos" I have three different DOS version 1.1 upgrade patches downloaded from the Maxis BB and arco's launch in all three versions.

Check out these cities where Launch Arcos launch:

You will need a zip program to decompress these.

If you want to upgrade, ClubOpolis has upgrade patches .

If you have any new information regarding Arcos Launching, please e-mail ClubOpolis.

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