SimCity 2000 Cheats for Windows 3.1
Easter Egg: A Pre-programmed, hidden and undocumented feature inserted by the programmer for their own enjoyment.

Click on the tool bar then type in each of these words to see the effect

  • cass - gives $$$ in $250 increments
  • noah - causes major floods
  • mrsoleary - causes major firestorms
  • gilmartin - rewards you a military base
  • buddamus - gives $500,000. Note: may not work with an early version of SimCity 2000 for windows.
  • joke - shows you a picture of two cows in a window
  • oivaizmir - new debug menu option appears at top of window along with File, Speed, Options, Disasters, Windows and Newspapers. Once opened it reveals the options Show Version Info, More Money, Add All Gifts, Add All Inventions, Meltdown, Microwave, Volcano, Fire Storm, Mass Riot, Major Flood and Toxic Spill. Note:Some SimCity 2000 books may say the code is oigevald. They are wrong. Apparently Maxis told the publisher the correct code, then changed the code before SimCity 2000 for windows was released.

Other cool stuff:

A note about oivaizmir

This was originally used during testing, so the programmers could test the system's abilities. Unfortunately (for them; it's fortunate (very fortunate) for you!), they left the code in. When you access the menu, you can add $$ in $500K increments, show extended version info, add all gifts and all inventions! It also allows you to experience disasters only otherwise attainable by scenario, or by 100% sheer bad (or, depending on your personality, good) luck, like Nuclear Meltdowns, Microwave Oops, Volcanos, Fire Storms, Mass Riots, Major Floods and Toxic Spills. Note: Fire Storms and Major Floods are also programmed to happen with 2 Easter Eggs displayed earlier in this file: 'noah' for flooding, 'mrsoleary' for fires.

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