The Church Virus

Question: What is the Church-Virus?

Answer: It's when most of the buildings in your residential zones start turning into churches.

Question: How do I get it?

Answer: If you type darn, heck or damn too many times.

Note: Since the codes "darn, heck and damn" only have an effect in SimCity 2000 for Dos, you can only get the church virus from using SimCity 2000 for Dos.

Question: How do I get rid of it?


  1. pause and save your city
  2. completely exit SimCity 2000
  3. restart SimCity 2000
  4. load your city
You have now rid yourself of the Church-Virus. Just bulldoze all of the churches in pause-mode. Since the church de-zones the tiles it appears on, re-zone those tiles.

If you get someone elses city that has the Church virus and you are using SimCity 2000 on Windows, OS/2 or Mac (not Dos), then pause and save your city, then bulldoze all of the chruces in pause-mode, then re-zone all of those tiles that the churches de-zoned. Churches don't go away by themselves, they must be destroyed, but don't bother trying to get rid of your churches if you don't have the church-virus. They'll just pop up somewhere else as soon as you destroy them.

If you have any new information regarding the Church Virus, please e-mail ClubOpolis.

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