SimCity 2000 Cheats for the Macintosh
Easter Egg: A Pre-programmed, hidden and undocumented feature inserted by the programmer for their own enjoyment.
  • joke - see for yourself
  • cass - gives $$$ in $250 increments. Insites a firestorm is used too many times each month.
  • porntipsguzzardo - gives $500K and all rewards become available.
    Note: This is unavailable in version 1.1. For 1.1 Easter Egg with same result, see topsguzzardo below.
  • ardo - Once you've typed porntipsguzzardo or topsguzzardo, you can type ardo and continue to get $500k each time.
  • fund - gives $10K bond at 25% interest. see below for double fund trick used with this Easter Egg!
  • vers - gives version number of Sim City 2000


topsguzzardo is just like porntipsguzzardo. It's a code that gives you $500K and all the rewards. But porntipsguzzardo is for MAC 1.0 and topsguzzardo is for MAC 1.1.

To have access to topsguzzardo, open the Map window (the one that shows Police Power, Density, Crime, etc.), click inside it, type pirn, click inside the Status window (the one that shows weather, item/cost, city message (i.e. Hurricane Warning)), and type topsguzzardo .

Very Important Note: Both porntipsguzzardo and topsguzzardo stop the military from requesting land for a base (Navy, Army, Missle Silo).

Other cool stuff:
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