Nessie the Loch Ness Monster
ClubOpolis offered a reward to the first person to send them a city with Nessie in it. Jesse Anderson was the first of many to send in a Nessie city. Below are some of the stories of those brave Nessie hunters:

We ended up with more Nessie cities than we knew what to do with so please do not send any more cities unless you captured three in one city or something cool like that.

This is a rare photo of the elusive Loch Ness Monster hanging out by the shore just waiting to lunch on a passing sail-boat. Zoom in for a closer look.

Quick Trivia: Nessie was the last tile tile to be added to SimCity 2000, right behind SuperSim .

Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) spottings are very rare. ClubOpolis has been trying for over a year now to capture Nessie with no luck.

Jesse James Anderson describes how he caught her below.

ClubOpolis: So Jesse, how did you do it? We've been trying for over a year now to capture Nessie with no luck. Tell us how we can capture Nessie in our own cities!

Jesse: It wasn't really easy. What I did was browse through most of my cities, looking for a city that had only one, fairly large lake. After I found one I put as many marinas as I could but only filling half so there would be room for the boats to sail around (in Power, Politics, and Planning they said that for Nessie to come, you needed to have marina's in the lake).

Then I realized that I'd better get rid of any zoos so that the lion roars wouldn't confuse me with the Nessie roars (I think they're identical).

Then I would wait for 15 years to pass and I would reload the games and wait for 15 years again and so on until I heard the roar. I recommend that you do not try to get Nessie unless you have a lot of patience ( once I heard and saw Nessie but did not pause the game in time. I didn't see her again until about 45 minutes later).

I think the most important things to do if you want to see or catch Nessie is to try and have only one body of water (I know I had 2 but I don't think Nessie comes in salt water), make marina's in your body of water, demolish all zoo's (and replace with stadiums if you have the money), and the biggest key, have patience.

Michael Drzakowski was the second person to find Nessie. Here is the e-mail that he sent ClubOpolis:

I did it! I DID IT! Over the last three days I've been obsessed with pausing the game with the Loch Ness Monster. I built one city with varying levels of lake depth, one with various levels of ocean depth, and one with marinas lined up and down the entire city. After I built them I sat there. And waited with my finger on the pause button. And waited.

Once I heard the roar. I paused, but I was too late. After three days of waiting I gave up and decided to build a new city, Mountalopolis. I used the buddamus code and was building the city, when I heard the roar: ROAR! I paused the game, but too late again. So I just kept building. Just a few minutes later, again a ROAR! Paused it. Got her!

Alex was the third person to find Nessie. Here is how he did it:

I got nessie by building a city of only marinas and water and power plants. I trapped all the boats in a small area and watched them..sure enough, after about 15 minutes of nessie hunting I got a sighting. Not that hard. was the forth person to capture Nessie:

I found Nessie without luck!!!! I a did test and found out she likes to come to a lake that could fit about 4 arcos in it and there are many marinas in that lake!!!

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