SimCity 2000 Cheats for Windows 95
SimCodes (c)1995 Jim Depew Ver 1.00

Dear fellow citizens:

There comes a time when cheat codes must go out, so that you may get your grubby little hands on them. Well, that time has come and here they are.

To acheive the debug mode in the Windows 95 version of SimCity 2000, type priscilla. The debug menu will give you the option equivalent to the Mega Cheat. It will last until you close SimCity 2000, no matter how many cities you work on or close. Here is a list of other codes that work with the Windows 95 version.

  • cass - $250
  • joke - Pirate Squid Club
  • fund - 25% Bond
  • gilmartin - Military Base
  • noah - Major Flood & Citizen Cheers
  • pricilla - Debug Mode
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