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The Longest Mayor Contest

The Current Winning City

Start Year2128
Start Budget$1,637,040
End Year38364
End Budget$2,169,941
Time209807 years
Rate$7.8 per year

GOAL: Submit a city where the Mayor will stay in office the longest

Deadline: NONE - this contest is Never Ending

Email your city to

There have been many entries but they have all been invalidated with rule addendums. All of these cities are provided below to show how creative people can be in coming up with ways to get around my rules producing a city that was not in the spirit of the contest.

I'm looking for financially stable thriving cities with large populations. People have discovered many tricks for making stable cities like 0% tax, only arcos, no power, etc.

Your city population must start above 100,000 and can fluctuate but must stay about 100,000.

Property Tax cannot be 0% (see Addendum #1)
Your city must be powered (see Addendum #2)
No Arcos (see Addendum #3)

You can use SCURK, cheats, magic erasers, phantom water pumps, whatever ... visit ClubOpolis if you need a city, cheats, ideas, tips, strategies, etc.

Rule Addendum #1: Property Tax cannot be 0%. You can thank Jason Overland for this rule addition because of his city TimeVille. His city of nothing but 20 Launch Arcos was powered by Hydro-Power (free power) and even had water from water pumps. His population floated above 1 million sims but made $0 and cost $0 to operate allowing his Mayor to be in office infinitely.

Rule Addendum #2: Your city MUST be powered. You can thank IcthyoidMecha (CanyonFallsXtreme) for this rule addition. Dead cities are too stable.

Rule Addendum #3: NO Arcos! You can thank Patrick Coston (ParkingLot), Jason Overland (TimeVille) and IcthyoidMecha (CanyonFallsXtreme) for this rule addition. Reason: The population of an Arco is too stable.
Note: Due to this addendum I had to lower the population limit from 1 million to 100,000. I have seen cities with no Arcos above 200,000 and many above 100,000. Check out the contest: Highest Population without Arcos.

You can ...

  • make a city
  • turn in an existing city
  • modify an existing city
One entry per person. Two people cannot enter same city or a modification of same city. First come, first served.

Submit city with these settings:

  • Speed Paused
  • Auto Budget On
  • Newspaper Off
  • Auto Goto Off
  • Sound Off
  • Music Off
  • Disasters Off
  • Signs off
  • zoomed out
  • centered

I will age your city a very looooong time then figure out it's budget changed rate for example $1 per year increase. The city with the slowest budget change wins.

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