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Symmetrical and scenic. This city featured in the book SimCity 2000 Power, Politics and Planning.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
One road spirals from the center outward. This city is also known as Rubigger featured in the book SimCity 2000 Power, Politics and Planning, Revised Edition but in that version the Launch Arcos are hidden using the magic eraser.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
It may not look much but look under the hood and you'll find it's nearly all Subway with small cross sections of roads.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Three round islands connected by a highway bridge. Powered by hydo.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Zig Zag city. Lama Dome atop hydro pyramid. Sharp mountains with trees on one side.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city split into 4 smaller cities surrounded by canals. Features Mayors house on a pyramid surrounded by swamp and mayor statue on pyramid.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Built into a corner with SCURK surrounded by a vast area of residential zone with power lines spreading out like diseased veins. Slums attempt to follow the power lines like cancer. Features 14 Mayor Mansions with 168 Statues!

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city created with SCURK with 4 inner rings of every Arco type. Plenty of power with a Fusion plant surrounded by Solar Plants surrounded by Microwave Plants occupy each corner. A ring of Solar and Microwave plants surround the city.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Scenic city with a massive mountain and deep valley.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city created with SCURK with 4 rings of the 4 types of Arcos on the outside and a massive military base on the inside with a huge number of Fusion plants

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
It took 49 people 3 years to create this 7x7 island city. YouTube Link!

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 closeup4 closeup5 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city powered by hydro generators which surround about 50 pools of water. The Mayor's house is at the center atop a hill.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city with a huge number of libraries and museums. There are NO Zones and therefore no Sim buildings. Crime is reduced by lining the Launch arcos with police stations. Parks provide the 4-way barrier between the 4 identical cities. The Llama Dome is the center of the city. Beautiful islands each with its own stadium are surrounded by marinas. Airplanes are trapped between the Launch Arcos.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city with Llama Dome in the center. Made up of about 50 small rectangular islands. The terrain rises up toward the center. Each corner is a farm of water pumps. Powered by hydro-power.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city surrounded by Launch Arcos. There are NO Zones and therefore no Sim buildings. 28 Llama Domes! Nessie can be found. Small parks line 8 strips of land that extend away from the center island. Forest Arcos in center island add more green to this very green city. 2 Fusion power plants at each corner provide ample power.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city with pyramid in the center with mayor's house at the top allows the Sims to worship their mayor God. Powered by hydro-plants. Seaport at each corner. Highway allows the Sims to travel quickly anywhere. Hydro-power lines the pyramid and surround the city walls for the 4 levels.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Symmetrical city hidden inside mountain. Road-tunnels and Subway-tunnels run to all 4 neighbors. A complex maze of rail runs through the city with no dead-ends. Tight loops at the end of each rail line allow a train to loop around and never stop and change direction except when they collide with a train going the opposite direction. Mountain roads allow sims to drive up and along the mountain peaks.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 closeup4 (XTREME!!!
Hidden city sunken inside a mountain. Pollution is really high since the smog has no where to go. Wind power lines the edges of the cliffs where the wind is the highest. Rail winds its way in an oval path around the city. 4 Missile Silos protect the city from attack. Llama Dome sit center. This city may be small but it has a little of everything. Fully grown forest beautifies the surrounding mountains. It's fun watching planes descend and ascend across the mountain face.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
City opens in Terrain Edit mode. Hex Edited altitude shows empty space between layers revealing hollow mountains and floating cities. SCURK used to add hundreds of Military Towers.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
959 Launch Arcos ready to launch. Once it hits Jan 1902 you see "The exodus has begun." Once done you see "Your launch arcos have departed into space to found new worlds. You have been compensated for their construction." The budget increased by $14,000,000.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Beautiful utopia with a suspension-bridge dam created with hyrdro-plants. The city is on 4 levels with lots of cliffs and water falls.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Based on the actual Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago in Dubai. Cites with curved coasts are difficult which makes this very impressive.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Three Rings around a center core. It's not easy making a round terrain.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
City in the shape of a stick-man with a giant head. Round cities are hard to make and therefore very rare. Water pumps make the teeth. Seaport makes the hair. Hydro plants and marinas make the ears. His adams apple is a Microwave plant.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Hex edited city with a lot of fresh-water tiles when queried read salt-water. Hidden message in underground water pipes.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Suspense by Patrick Coston
Crossing rivers covered almost entirely by Suspension bridges. Based on the city Death2 (included in download). Arcos surrounded by police stations to reduce crime. Rail runs around entire outer edge of city. Powerlines cover every possible road tile. 4 Microwave power plants sit at each corner. Large farms of water treatment and desalinization plants attempt to lower pollution.

closeup1 closeup2 closeup3 (XTREME!!!
Hell by Dale Floer
Hell is eternally on fire and full of abandoned buildings and black Plymouth and Darco Arcologies. Created by editing the sc2 file.

HanfordVille by Jason Overland
HanfordVille was created to see what effect tons of pollution and radiation had on a city -- since we can make cities without water, schools, etc. who's to say that we can't make a city that's completely surrounded by nuclear waste? Using SCURK to start a city in 2050, I filled up the entire map with nuclear waste except a 7x128 strip which would be my city in the middle of a wasteland. It's the year 3800 and already some of the nuclear waste that filled the map has decayed with some trees somehow managing to grow between it, leaving the city with a measly ~4500 value for pollution. Check the newspapers to see how much sims complain about pollution! Despite all this, the nuclear waste must be a good attaction, because the land value is 287, and just about every zoned tile is taken by high-density 3x3 buildings. The vestigial body parts that the citizens in this city have mutated is a small price to pay for the apparent benefits of nuclear waste: the EQ is 148, LE is 98, and a huge percentage of the population is over 90 years old. What is the city powered by? A nuclear power plant, of course. Ironically enough, the 'Nuclear Free Zone' ordinance is enacted. You get 3 cities. Hanford.sc2 is all radiation and holds the world record for pollution at 1 million. HanfordVille.sc2 is the city shown and HanfordVille_chia.sc2 is the chia version of HanfordVille.sc2. HanfordVille2.sc2 is HanfordVille.sc2 after 4 million years which is how long it took to rid it of radiation.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Rene by Barrett J. Southworth
Two of the longest suspension bridges ever. Connecting them is the Mayors bronze statue. Marinas line every mile of coast line except for seaports. Hydro power wraps around the mountain in a very cool way. Schools, Firehouses and Hospitals have all been placed in a line. City Hall is surrounded by Police Stations and sits atop a hill that at first looks like hydro plants but upon closer inspection is actually a solid line of roads going up the hill for easy access to police and City Hall.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Mountain by Austin McKinley
Three cities in one. You have the Launch Arcos isolated on their own island. Atop the very high mountain is an isolated city and in the valley is a city which is surrounded by marinas. The hill is massive and has two sides, one covered in a forest and the other side covered in hydro plants. There is a small island of 4 firehouses surrounded by wind generators. Odd.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Wow is what you say when you first see this city. Launch arcos surround a section of water pumps, water towers and water treatment plants. Between the Launch arcos is a network of police, firehouses, school, libraries, etc. You can't actually see them unless you destroy some Arcos. The city is surrounded by police and firehouses. Crime is still very high. Traffic is super high at 5178. That is off the charts.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Calebopolis by Caleb John Clark
Xtremely Famous. This is most famous city ever appearing in the best SimCity 2000 book ever "SimCity 2000: Power Politics and Planning". The city is Xtremely well thought out with tons of nice features like the lone statue on the cliff, prison island, Microwave Power island surrounded by wind generators, double lane road thru the mountain, lush green park with lake in shape of letter "C" with capital, mayors house private location highest point of the mountain with yacht club, island park, airport peninsula with long runways, etc. Zoom in and look around. You'll find all kinds of cool stuff. It also has two Xtremely long power-lines over water!

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
MoleVill by Jerry Moore
Not a single road in sight. 100% subway and over 9 million in population. Moleville is a thriving metropolis with no roads, no highways, no bus stations, no trains and no arcologies. The only means of transportation for these 250,000+ happy sims is a network of subways under the entire city. For every tile zoned residential, industrial or commercial, a subway station is no more than three tiles away. Moleville has no economic problems since the city was started with a negative interest bond using the double fund trick. Moleville is also not cluttered with water pumps and storage tanks yet the sims never complain about a water shortage.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Xtremely symmetrical. Magic eraser used to erase power lines. Single Darco in the middle that acts as a plane magnet. boardered by hydro and wind power. RCI in full demand. Zero Crime. No slums! This is a highly educated city with Aerospace, Electronics and Tourism dominating. Most other industries don't exist. Named after character in novel.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Millen4 by Michael Weburg
Population 11,275,225. No money cheats. Built with SCURK and SimCity 2000 DOS V1.0. Magic eraser used on arcos and 3x3 residential zones. Virtually the highest population in existence with the 140 arco limit. This city is neither stable nor functional, due to lack of support structures and infrastructure.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
All 4 types of Arcos are packed together on about 90% of this city. SCURK was obviously used since there are about 100 statues. Water pumps line most of the outside rim of the city. There is a massive line of police, firehouses, libraries and hospitals. It is powered by Fusion, Microwave and Solar.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Twolev3 by Patrick Coston
City on two levels. Top level has no roads. 100% subway. HUGE water-fall with SC2000 written in hydro-pumps. 100% Arcos: 25% Launch, 25% Forest, 25% Darcos, 25% Plymouth. Suicidal ship crashes into shore and blows up.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
One massive lake with a small island that has hover-tile issues. It looks really bizarre. It's powered by Nuclear.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
ParkingLot by Patrick Coston
The year is 151753! The flat terrain is one HUGE parking lot. Every border tile has a neighbor connection. Every tile has a subway tunnel under it even though there are no subway stations. Transit is funded 100% so they have a massive bill to pay each month. There are no zones. No power. No water. No police. Nothing but a cluster of Launch Arcos in the corner and some trees. Property tax is maxed out at 20%. When you take it off pause the population jumps from 0 to over 1 million then bounces around between 200k and 900k. The budget rises and falls but somehow makes money over time. There is also an abandon military base now covered in trees.

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
Toprich by Ricardo Gonzalez Rocca
Darcos randomly cover the entire terrain except for one lonely forest Arco. One or two fusion plants are usually plenty but this city has over 20!

closeup1 closeup2 (XTREME!!!
About 40 prisons on an island with a wall of hydro-plants keeping the prisoners in. Lots of police stations to keep crime down and a lot of libraries to re-education the criminals to re-enter society.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Yoni by Yoni J. Meged
A symmetrical city with a series of canals connecting square islands. Run this city at African Swallow speed and watch it churn. The sims move in and out of the city. It's crazy to watch. The value of this city bounced up and down. What is wrong with this city? The sims can't make up their minds. Should I stay or should I go?

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Ultimo by Peter van der Westhuizen
Xtreme landscaping. There are 11 sets of dual suspension bridges with highway bridge in the middle. Check out the closeup for some Xtreme attention to detail.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Utopia by Stephen Westrich
Xtreme landscaping: 5 steps with a river down the center. Suspension bridges cross the river while hydro plants take advantage of the water falls.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!
Loooong strips of land separated by loooong canals. Bridges connect the strips of land and trees line the canals.

closeup1 (XTREME!!!

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