The Most Xtreme Contests
Highest Population without Arcos

GOAL: Find the highest population possible without using Arcologies

Deadline: NONE - this contest is Never Ending

Email your city to

Only cities that beat the current highest known population will be accepted.

You can use SCURK, cheats, magic erasers, phantom water pumps, whatever ... visit ClubOpolis if you need a city, cheats, ideas, tips, strategies, etc.

You cannot magic erase Arcos. We know how to locate erased erased so don't waste your time!

You can ...

  • make a city
  • turn in an existing city
  • modify an existing city

You can even modify a city someone else turned in for the contest. Submit as many cities as you want!

Submit city with these settings:

  • Speed Paused
  • Auto Budget On
  • Newspaper Off
  • Auto Goto Off
  • Sound Off
  • Music Off
  • Disasters Off
  • Signs off
  • zoomed out
  • centered

Entries so far
Population: 251,170

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