WARNING: This advice has been collected from everywhere! Most it is probably pretty good, some it is probably a little off, and some of it is might be completely wrong. I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Get $4,000,000 to begin with by clicking with the lobby tool in the bottom-left-hand corner. Then place a 3-story lobby and then build offices all the way along the screen from floors 4 to 59, with sky lobbies all the way across floors 15, 30 and 45. Build 8 standard elevators, 4 servicing floors 1-30, and 4 servicing floors 30-59. Fill them with cars, with one car every four floors or so. Reduce all the office rents to $2,000 to ensure their occupants stay happy and continue to rent.

DO NOT BUILD A SECURITY OFFICE, even when asked to. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, this means there will not be interruptions for fires or terrorist attacks. Secondly, this will ensure the tower remains at two stars so that the lobbies do not require maintenance fees and the office workers do not require medical centers or parking.

Fill B1-B3 with fast foods all the way across, but do not use elevators to connect these to the lobby. Instead, use lots and lots of stairs. This is so that all your office workers can get to them and make you more money.

Then move the rectangle in the map window to the very top, minimize the game, get on with something else, and check back every so often to see how the money shoots up. Save every now and then.

When your cash reaches $2,147,483,648, on a PC it will suddenly revert to -$2,147,583,648, but don't worry. This is due to the number being stored in 32 bits and therefore overflowing. Look in the finance window at the bottom to see what you actually have - it will give the true value divided by 100. So, multiply that by 100 to see what your real balance is. On a Mac the number won’t overflow so you will see the true amount in both places, albeit divided by 100 in the finance window. The maximum amount you can have is $9,999,999,900, so the money will stop rising when it gets very close to this figure (though it may not precisely reach it). It will go up and down a little just under the ceiling. On modern computers it should not take more than a few days to reach the maximum.

Once at the ceiling, save your tower. Then save it under a new name. In this new copy you now have plenty of room for error, so build all the security offices you need to in order to jump to three stars and continue however you wish.

Andrew Milnthorpe (July 16, 2003 updated December 3, 2020)

When a business or office leaves the tower in disgust, and the office/business is marked with "Conditions are terrible" I found a way to remove that mark from the office.
a.Inspect the office
b. Lower the rent to the minimum
c.Raise the rent immediately to the normal (5k, 10k whatever)
d.The next tenant moves in with no Bias against the building!
Andy King
Party halls attract people from the outside. To keep the hotel residents happy around the party hall, I have put the [housekeeping] rooms on either side of the hall. No Complaints!
Andy King
I've been building escalators in empty floors before adding the offices. Office workers seem to use escalators before any other transportation (even elevators) I've had offices complain that the escalator was too far away!
Andy King
If you want more money, just build a condo because it costs 80000 to build but it is sold at 150000 so you earn a sum of money!
Jason Aquinaldo
[But,] if you ever want to bulldose that condo, you will lose the money you had earned!
Nick Pearson
Those guys in the offices hate my evalator system, so I put two pair of evalators beside each other. When the office guys turn red(stress levels), I click on the level on the they are in. They immediately respond to the next evalator with no red stress level.
Denny Tse
When using a 3 story lobby try placing an escalator [or stairs] in it, you'll be surprised! it's giant!
Sean Berger
Unhappy condo owners take their money back when they move out of your tower.
If you make recycling centers touching each other (vertical, horizontal, or L-shaped) then you only have to connect 1 elevator to one of them and it works for the whole group!
Sim lovers avoid to many Offices they cause lose of money$
Chase Greenlee
Once you have reached 3rd star keep both eyes on your funds! Only place (MAX) 4 hotel suites, make them close to housekeeping (Not next to it). [Place] Housekeeping every 6 floors.
Chase Greenlee
In the mac [and windows] versions, at the end of the year guess who's coming to town! It's Santa Claus!!! To bad he doesn't give you a present or two.
Ian Byerrum
Build down a couple floors and you should find (sooner or later) a hidden treasure.
Every time you build about 10 condos or 20 offices, inspect the last one, it will tell you that the elevator is too far away, so build an elevator there.
Brian Campbell:
If you get roaches in your hotel rooms put in a housekeeping right away.
Kyle Larson
In the Windows version if you look closely at the shaded buttons before they are shaded over you will see Japanese writing.
Uval Blumenfeld
Do all shops in the underground!
Sim player
Always check your movie theater. Make sure it's sold out; if it is not, change the movie.
Don Shafter
Actually, I don't suggest building too many condos, because they take up space that could be getting you a steady flow of cash instead of a one-time cash infusion.
Luke Gerogalas:
You don't need a service elevator going down to the recycling centre. Every morning, a truck will come pick up the trash. No elevators, no roads, no tunnels, no rubbish tips, no nothing (except for $500000!)
Denny Tse
As Far as I know, if you place two evevators at the far right of your lobbies, then at floor 15, two more at the far left, and then two more on the far right on floor 30, the simtenants will not reconize these new elevators and if you zoom in on any of the offices that will use those elevators, they will say no transportation connected.
Geoffrey Skelding:
Movie theaters are quite unprofitable. A new movie costs 300k and the theater never makes that money back!! Before to long, sales drop and you have to change the movie.
Leonard Monds:
When you get to the 30'th floor, you have to build another elevator shaft, but nobody builds above it!
Andrew James:
Build your condos and offices on different levels...don't mix them together (too much complaints).
Transportation is the most important thing in SimTower.
Mikey Haddad:
While condos and theatres don't add much in the way of income, they bring in invaluable population, which helps your shops and restaurants, as well as get you to higher star levels.
Todd MacDermid
Did anybody ever notice how the VIP shows up alone, but is met by a woman later that night?
Charlie Sojka
Don't build any condos! Make your shopping centers underground; make a ton of them. Shops bring lots of people. Use offices until you run out of them, then use hotels.
James Kanawyer
When a tower reaches a five star rating, it never rains again.
Daniel Russo:
If you don't have a *STAR LEVEL* of 3, don't build over floor 30 because sim people won't change transportation (stairs,elevators, etc.) more than twice. At the *3 STAR* Ratting, put in an express elevator! Bring it up to floor 30, and you can build over floor 30!
A Nice Guy
In the fourth quarter when Santa comes and you scroll along to keep up with him he magically disappears.
Andrew Littell
Sometimes Santa Clause will fly by your tower and you will hear bells.
Karl Davis
If you wish to get lots of money in SimTower, make a building with lots of offices (with transportation) and leave your computer on over night... years will pass... and in the morning when you turn on your monitor... Billions of Dollars...
Denis Pitcher
Name the little kids names you hate and name all the people dumb names too. They don't care!
Dylan Louvier
If you listen closly to the offices you hear "Yes there's a new owner in here"
Keith Whitsitt:
In the original Macintosh version, when Santa came by at the end of the fourth quarter he left a sum of money. However, in the updated version when he comes by he doesn't leave anything!
G. Hum
If you have the 1.0 [MAC] version of SimTower, always save before you try and install a subway. Many times the installation causes a crash.
Scott Yamaguchi
The more offices you put, the more your fast food restaurants make money! (week-days of course) :)
Always have plenty of elevators around your tower... and make sure you don't mix the condos,suites, and offices!!!!
Wayne Smith:
Try building across before bulding up. Make sure to spread your transportation wisely though. If you goof it can be costly.
Lehmen Tippie:
Place your security offices all through your building if you don't want to pay 300,000 to pay off the terrorist. The simsecurity people have to use the outside stairs to search the building. If you have all your security in the basement, the bomb will blow a 3 condo tall and 10 condo wide hole in your building.
Don't build too many suites, because they are barely ever occupied.
Misha Mross:
Floors B8 to 30 make all fast food. Floors 31 to 100 all office. no parking ,no suite. I push tower's population to 44000 easily.

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