Greatest Cities: Maxis Man

He has many names ... some call him Maxis Man (mainly Maxis), others named him Super Sim and yet others call him Captain Hero.

He is very shy. He makes his rare appearances during disasters. He wears a pink suit with a green cape. He's got blonde hair and wears dark shades.

If you want to summon him in your city, you must be patient. Load your city in SimCity 2000 and select one of the disasters from disaster window and wait. If he doesn't show up, re-load your city and try again. Keep trying until he appears.

Peter Naughton ( says:

I have the PPP book which says that Capt. Hero will appear under these conditions: (and, it is a quote from Fred Haslam, the co-owner of Maxis)

  1. you say no to a military base or you say yes and they can't find a place to put it.
  2. A disaster happens or you make one happen.
  3. After this, there is a 1 in 4 chance he shows up.

Phong Nguyen ( wrote:

I have a Mac version (1.1), and Captain Hero seems to appear more frequent than the 25% chance. He also appeared even before I was offered a military base.

The book SimCity 2000: Power, Politics, and Planning says:

Super Sim!

Faster than a speeding bullet, faster than a speeding locomotive - yes, it's SuperSim! Believe it or not, there is a SuperSim, who will appear if you don't have a military base to help you fend off disasters. He will smite the monster or blow away the chemical clouds, helping you rescue your city. Don't count on him though; most of the time he never appears.

See Maxis Man

Maxis Man appeared in one of my cities while I was fighting a riot. I immediately saved the city to capture the moment.

  • See Maxis Man in action fighting the angry rioters
  • Download the city with Maxis Man in it. (This city was created by Patrick Coston and compressed using a zip program)
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