Results of the ClubOpolis First Annual Llama Awards
You can download all of the cities in one shot (1 MB) or select specific cities to download:
  • CLIFCITY by Jimmy Wan
    • Best Overall Design
    • Most Original, Creative, Inventive, Imaginative City
    • Most Mountainous City
    • Your Favorite City
  • MOUNTFUJ by Jimmy Wan
    • Best High Class Area (3-way tie with FARADO and WILLIAMS)
  • FARADO by Jason Overland
    • Best High Class Area (3-way tie with MOUNTFUJ and WILLIAMS)
    • Most Creative way to power a City
  • WILLIAMS by SkyJimy
    • Best High Class Area (3-way tie with MOUNTFUJ and FARADO)
  • LONGBEAC by SkyJimy
    • Most Livable City
    • Most Realistic, Lifelike City
  • EXPRESSO by Jason Overland
    • Most Creative use of Arcos
    • Most Creative use of signs
  • BLM by Jason Overland
    • Best Vacation City
  • MOLEVILL by Jerry Moore
    • Best Zoning Design
    • Best Use of transportation
  • SYMETRIC by Kurt Carol
    • Most Symmetrical, Balanced, Perfect City
  • ARCORAIL by Patrick Coston
    • Most Creative water supply
  • XTREME by Patrick Coston
    • Most Weirdest, Freakish, Bizzarest City
  • MILLERSS by Bev Donaldson
    • Best Looking City, fun to look at, not boring or dull, coolest overall
  • BAD by Jesse Ralston
    • Most Chaotic, Insane, Crazy City

These cities get honorable mention. They didn't win any of the categories, but they often came in second.
  • FOUR
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You will need a zip program to decompress these zip files.

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