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Ways I would improve SimCity 2000

I'm not talking about turning SimCity 2000 into SimCity 3000 or SimCity 4. I'm talking about preserving the magic that is SimCity 2000 but making it better.

  • Win XP version and Mac OS X version - versions that take advantage of the power of these operating system
  • Ability to open multiple cities in tabs
  • Graph Window: Besides having presets for 1 year, 10 year and 100 years also have 1,000 years, 10,000 years, 100,000 years and 1,000,000 years. Also have entire history as well as place where you can enter in any range. Make the graph window resizable.
  • Remember that last directory you opened or saved a city
  • Zoom in/out with mouse wheel
  • Smooth zoom in and out
  • Drag to scroll like in adobe reader
  • Infinite Undo - if you make a mistake, you can undo moves one at a time
  • Placemarks - if you make a mistake, return to any previous placemark
  • History Replay - it will record a history of everything you do so that you can play it back at high speed and watch your city being built. The history is a macro instructions which you can edit
  • Scripting language - write macros to perform tasks like putting a subway tunnel under each tile. Create entire cities with macros.
  • Save as video with time-lapse settings to record the build
  • God Mode: Ability to to change the year, the date
  • Terrain Mode: Ability to switch into terrain mode and do everything you can do in the terrain editor except remake "MAKE" the terrain without losing your city.
  • City Browser: with thumbnails of each city a directory
  • Stat Dumper - get all of the status of the city dumped to a text file
  • Web page builder: Generate a web page of your library of cities with thumbnails and stats
  • Screen Shot saver
  • Infinitely increasing year
  • Infinitely increasing money
  • Ininite Bonds - there should be no limit on the number of bonds you can take out
  • Infinite Size - no limit to the length and width
  • Ability to combine multiple cities into one
  • Ability to import SimCity Classic, SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4 cities
  • Bulldoze an area the same way you lay out zones so you don't have to bulldoze one tile at a time
  • Open Source: Have this new version be open-source code including the file format so other people can easily add their own mods. Make mods available for download.
  • Easily Switch Modes: Normal, Terrain, God, SCURK
  • No 50 sign limit. Unlimited signs.

Do not change!

  • Keep the 256 color graphics
  • Keep the music

Mail your ideas to patcoston@gmail.com

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