SCURK: How to convert tile-sets between Dos, Mac and Windows

Facts you should know about SCURK:

  1. The Urban Renewal Kit was first available for DOS (SCURK4DOS) then for Windows (SCURK4WIN) and Mac (SCURK4MAC). The Windows and Mac tile-sets are improvements over the DOS tile sets.
  2. SCURK4DOS uses TIL files while SCURK4WIN and SCURK4MAC use MIF files
  3. You can import the TIL files into SCURK4WIN and SCURK4MAC but you can't import MIF files into SCURK4DOS.

The following example is geared toward someone with SCURK4WIN. It should roughly apply to those with Macs too. In this example, assume your TIL file is called MYTILE.TIL. Also assume that you have installed SCURK4WIN in C:\SCURK

  2. Startup SCURK for Windows
  3. Goto the Pick & Copy Window
  4. Pull down the File menu
  5. Select Load
  6. Select Source Object Set
  7. A window will pop up saying "Translating from DOS"
  8. When it is done, save it by pulling down the File menu
  9. Select Save As
  10. Save MYFILE.MIF
This Web Page was created by Patrick Coston September 11, 1995, Last updated April 4, 2006