SimCity 2000 Windows Credits

SimCity 2000 has been copyrighted by Maxis in 1994.

Fred Haslam & Will Wright spent altogether too much of their lives thinking about SimCity 2000 and bringing their thoughts to life on the Macintosh.

James Turner and Heather Mace slaved many hours over hot compilers to produce the Windows version.

Chris Weiss made sure people were doing what they were supposed to be doing when they were supposed to be doing it and still managed to look like he didn't know what he was doing. (What an actor!)

Mick Foley shot shapes and packed them into a city.

Chris "Crispy" Blackwell got those newspapers popping up the right way every time.

Jenny Martin ensured that Suzie Greene, Bonnie Borucki, Kelli Pearson & Eben Sorkin created the most beautiful graphics ever seen for this product (and they did).

Sue Kasper, Brian Conrad, and Justin McCormick gave up promising careers as karaoke singers to create the music for SimCity 2000.

The Maxis Sample Heds stayed up dark nights in late rooms making weird noises into microphones.

Brian Conrad also sat in the bow of the boat and beat his drum.

Fred Haslam, Debra Larson, Chris Weiss, VERBed over an ADJECTIVE NOUN for hours on end to create the EXCLAMATION SimCity 2000 Newspaper. Newspaper pics provided by Lori Reese & Archive Photos of New York City (an upcoming scenario).

To ground ourselves into reality we called upon: Bruce Joffe (GIS Consultant), Craig Christenson (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Ray Gatchalian (Oakland Fire Department) and Diane L. Zahm (Florida Department of Law Enforcement).

Michael Bremer got sick of us moaning over his puns, so he sat down and put them in another fantastic manual and on-line Windows help file. (so now you too can moan over his puns)

(Special thanks to Wextech Systems Inc. for their excellent Windows Help compiler and .DLLs)

Tom Bentley & Debra Larson made sure at least half of Michael's puns were funny an speld corekly.

Vera Jaye made sure that the SimCity 2000 box wasn't just another face in the crowd.

David Caggiano pushed pictures around on pages with exceptional talent until things looked marvelous.

Kristine Brogno made sure that Vera's & Dave's shoes (and loose ends) were tied. When Michael couldn't figure out how to play the game, Fred, Will, Don, and Kathleen helped him out.

Sometimes. Additional material for the wonderful, bio degradable manual was contributed by: John "Bean" Hastings, Richard E. Bartlett, Margo Lockwood, Larry Wilson, David Caggiano Tom Bentley, Barbara Pollak, Emily Friedman, Keith Ferrell, James Hewes, Joey Hollidayand,

last (but assuredly not least) William Holliday Larry Lee invented ways to make people who had never heard of SimCity 2000 buy this stupendous product.

Ileana Seander and her spunky bunch made sure that the stores those people go to actually had SimCity 2000 available for YOU.

Alan Barton had to force Michael Gilmartin, Kevin O'Hare, Scott Shicoff, DonHorat, Cathy Castro, Michael Gonos, AndrewPodesta, and Douglas Wong to play SimCity 2000 for hours at gun point and make sure everything worked like it was supposed to.

In addition to the normal software testing crew: Chris Blackwell, Aaron Shephard, Chris Charman, Brian Smith, Jeff Feil, Owen Nelson, Tari Kobylanski, David Turner, Lisa Laverty & Bob Sombrio also managed to find good excuses to playSimCity 2000 for us.

Val Garcia, Kim Vincent, and Martin Chan are our manufacturing team. They're incredible. 'nuff said.

Special thanks to the ELF man who cooked so many dinners so Heather could work too far into the night far too often.

If (heaven forbid) you have a problem with SimCity 2000 and need to talk to someone, chances are you'll be hearing the charming voice of Roger Johnsen, Aaron Shephard, Kirk Lesser, Chris Charman, Owen Nelson, Scott Hayden, Jeff Feil or Brian Smith.

Everyone who worked on the project felt for one reason or another these people deserved special mention: Sam Poole for having a good enough sense of humor to not fire everyone and go into business for himself. Joe Scirica for making sure we stayed out of jail, passed Go and collected $200. Jeff Braun, who loves Maxis, runs Maxis, and IS Maxis (and we thank him for that). Mike Fake, for handing out those juicy $200 after we all passed go. Congrats on the new digs, Mike! Deborah Gross for making sure Maxis is happy, staffed, and PC. Robin Harper for coordinating, coagulating, and motivating our rippin' marketing and PR teams. Bob Derber, who could sue us for not including him in these credits. (and for the tasty squid) Andy Derber, the disco-lovin', pig-farmin', phone-jackin', MIS kinda guy. The Microsoft Win G team for excellent support and a DLL that made SC2k Windows possible. Don Walters for being a great mentor and greater pain in the Jimbo, Mike Perry, John Csicsery, Claire Curtain, Roxy Wolosenko, and the other Mike (Wyman) for their excellent guidance, and constructive (or was it destructive?) criticism. Top Dog Montclaire, for the best wieners in the Bay Area. Michael Wyman & Bob Sombrio for special news bulletins. Everyone else who punches the clock at Maxis (like it's the worst job we could find). "Big Al" at Ottino's for replentishing our vital bodily fluids. The nice people down stairs at Caffe Teatro who sell us gallons of coffee every day because we need it. Jiffy burgers and Mitzbitz And if anyone at Corky & Lenny's sees this, could you send me a corn beef on rye?

Special no-thanks to ID Software for providing such an engaging distraction from actual work. These credits were compiled by a team of people who were probably in no condition to be compiling credits when these credits were being compiled.

No Spooty Structs were harmed in the making of this product.

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