SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit Credits for Dos
The SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kitwas copyrighted in 1994 by Maxis.

Ed Goldman, Chris Weiss, Brian Conrad, Owen Nelson, and a bunch of other people locked themselves in rooms for hours trying to figure out what SCURK was.

Ed Goldman used the weirdest development system I've seen to write the code and smokes bad cigarettes.

Chris Weiss gave new meaning to the phrase "constructive criticism". Bonnie Borucki directed the artists in new directions with the future artwork.

Shannon Galvin, Barbara Pollak, Kok Wee Lim, Kelli Pearson, and Sharon Perry pushed pixels until they were blue in the face.

Larry Lee got the cool concept together and decided that you could say SCURK at the dinner table without getting slapped.

Brian Conrad made sure our code didn'tlook like SimCity 2000 code.

Alan Barton made sure our bugs didn't look like SimCity 2000 bugs.

Scott Shicoff was in charge of gathering suggestions, comments, and even a bug or two for Ed to moan over.

Andrew Podesta, Kevin O'Hare, Cathy Castro, Michael Gilmartin, Donjah Horat, Jussi Ylinen, Mike Gonos, and May Wong actually had to make up bugs.

Owen Nelson made sure what we wanted and what the customer wanted were reasonably similar concepts.

Bob Sombrio and Michael Bremer picked words out of a hat and put them in the correct order for the manual.

Debra Larson fixed all the times Bob misspelled their.

Vera Jaye and Amy Melker put the words on the pages NEXT to the pictures (where they should be) instead of on top of them.

Davison Design came up with that most excellent box design.

Kim Vincent and Martin Chan dogged Chrisand Larry on a daily basis to get the parts together for shrinkwrap.

Extra Special Thanks to these most excellent people that we all know and love: Jeff Braun, Will Wright, Joe Scirica, Sam Poole, Lois Tilles, Robin Harper, Tari Kobylanski, Val Garcia, Jeff "Screenshot" Feil, The Two Derbies, Alex & the gang at Ottino's, Kersti "when are you coming up?" Hale, all the Mikeys, Jimbo, Johnny, Roxy, Claire, Donny, Andy & all them other Maxoids and Don Walters.

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