SimCity 2000 Dos Credits
Official Credits for SimCity 2000 for DOS

SimCity 2000 has been copyrighted by Maxis in 1993. Honest.

Fred Haslam & Will Wright spent altogether too much of their lives thinking about SimCity 2000 and bringing it to life on the Macintosh.

Jon Ross gave up a year of his life dodging producers and sales people to bring you this DOS version of SimCity 2000.

Daniel Browning, not only coded mass quantities of SimCity 2000 DOS, but added years to the lives of many Maxoids through his series of e-mail health messages.

James Turner spent many hours helping Mighty Jon and Healthy Dan.

Brian Conrad herded the cats to keep their bytes aligned and objects oriented.

Don Walters managed to get everything to happen without pulling ALL of his hair out.

Jenny Martin cracked the whip while Suzie Greene, Bonnie Borucki, Kelli Pearson & Eben Sorkin created the pretty pictures in this product.

Sue Kasper gave up a promising career as a karaoke singer to create the music for SimCity 2000.

Brian Conrad and Michael Perry kept the orchestra in tune with cool tones by the Fat Man.

The Maxis Sample Heds stayed up dark nights in late rooms making weird noises into micro phones.

Fred Haslam, Debra Larson, Chris Weiss, VERBed over an ADJECTIVE NOUN for hours on end to create the EXCLAMATION SimCity 2000 Newspaper.

Newspaper pics provided by Lori Reese & Archive Photos of New York City (an upcoming scenario).

To ground ourselves into reality we called upon: Bruce Joffe (GIS Consultant), Craig Christenson (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Ray Gatchalian (Oakland Fire Department), Diane L. Zahm (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) Michael Bremer got sick of us moaning over his puns, so he sat down and put them in another fantastic manual. (so now you too can moan over his puns).

Tom Bentley & Debra Larson made sure at least half of Michael's puns were funny an speld corekly.

Vera Jaye made sure that the SimCity 2000 box and manual wasn't just another face in the crowd.

David Caggiano pushed words and pictures around on pages with perennial persistence until the peak of perfection. Kristine Brogno made sure that Vera's & Dave's shoes (and loose ends) were tied.

Larry Lee invented ways to make people who had never heard of SimCity 2000 buy this stupendous sequel.

Ileana Seander and her funky-spunky bunch made sure that all the stores have SimCity 2000, just for YOU!

Alan Barton forced Don Horat, Roger Johnsen, Kevin O'Hare and Chris Weiss to play SimCity 2000 for hours at gun point to make sure everything worked like it was supposed to -- and without a single homicide or bout of (permanent) insanity during the entire infamous marathon testing sessions. And the pizza dude lessened the risk of cannibalism. (Historical Note: Chris Weiss ate his mouse.)

These gallant testers were aided by the rest of the Maxis testing crew: Rob McNamara, Steve Perrin, Kirk Lesser, Carter Lipscomb, Chris Blackwell, Peter Alau, Michael Perry, Jim Siefert, Tari Kobylanski and every other person at Maxis who had a DOS machine.

If (heaven forbid) you have a problem with SimCity 2000 and need to talk to someone, chances are you'll be hearing the charming voice of Carter Lipscomb, Chris Blackwell, Peter Alau, or Kirk Lesser.

Everyone who worked on the project felt for one reason or another these people deserved special mention: Joe Scirica for making sure we stayed out of jail, passed Go and collected $200. Jeff Braun, who loves Maxis, runs Maxis, and IS Maxis (and we thank him for that). Jim Siefert for comic relief. Bob Derber for keeping us out of court and similar note worthy achievements. Michael Perry, because he has long hair and we don't. Cassidy Wright and Joell Jones who had to put up with Will's weird hours. Michael Wyman & Bob Sombriofor special news bulletins. Everyone else who punches the clock at Maxis (like it's the worst job we could find). Jon would like to thank these people for making this port easier: Dwane Strong at MetaGraphics George at Rational Systems, John Miles at Miles Design, The Fat Man Paul Schmidt at Photodex, George and Denny (and even Slo-Mo Pete) at the Casa Orinda for many excellent free peanuts and something to wash them down with. The nice people downstairs at Caffe Teatro (even if Chris and Lionel work there),who sell us gallons of coffee every day because we need it. Victor Romero, the cleaning guy Lucy and Lola The Amazing Flying Puglets Jon's never-ending supply of antacids.

You must be bored if you sat though all that...Here is your reward: Jon's favorite joke!

These 3 strings walk into a bar. The first one goes to the bartender and says, "gimme a drink" and the bartender says "I'm sorry but we don't serve strings here." So the second string thinks that maybe if he asks nice the bartender will give him a drink. So the second string says to the bartender, "'scuse me sir, could I please have a drink sir, if it's not too much trouble? "And the bartender says," I'm sorry, but we don't serve strings here, get out. "So the third string goes into the bathroom, bends himself into a loop, and messes up his hair. He walks up to the bartender, and the bartender says "excuse me, but aren't you a string?" And the string replies, "Nope. I'm a frayed knot. "AH! get it?! A FRAYED KNOT!! ha!!! hahahhahahaha! Bad Jonny, stay on the paper....sorry...Creative Voice File.

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