SimCity 2000 Advice: When to build
Question: Bruce Rothstein

I've had sc2000 for a while now but I'm just now for the first time trying to build a really big city. I've got 1.8 million sims, plenty of open space and good eqs and life expectancies. My question is do the people in arcos need schools, libraries, museums and hospitals.I've kept building them but the number of students in each schoold keeps decreasing. Also, does it do any good to have more than one stadium or zoo?

Strategic Advice: Jerry Moore

I think the best rule of thumb for a large and thriving city is to not add more services until the SimCitizens ask for them. For things like schools, colleges, libraries, etc., just use the query tool frequently to see how you're doing. When schools reach maximum capacity and the grade starts to drop below A, add more. The same approach works well for hospitals. As for stadiums, marinas, large parks, etc., just wait until the sims ask for more. All of the arcos are supposed to be self contained and not require additional services. However, they do seem to generate a lot of crime.

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