Stephen King: The Long Walk: Back-Tracking

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Penalty-Warnings for Back-tracking

Olson drops his food-belt but doesn't want to back-track to pick it up because he'll get a penalty-warning.

his foot came down on a discarded belt of food concentrates. Surprised, he looked up. It had been Olson's. His hands were twitching at his waist. There was a look of frowning surprise on his face.

"I dropped it," he said. "I wanted something to eat and I dropped it." He laughed, as if to show what a silly thing that had been. The laugh stopped abruptly. "I'm hungry," he said.

No one answered. By that time everyone had gone by and there was no chance to pick it up. Garraty looked back and saw Olson's food belt lying across the broken white passing line.

"I'm hungry," Olson repeated patiently.

Rank back-tracked to charge Barkovitch and got a penalty-warning

"Your mother sucks cock on 42nd Street, Rank!"

With that, Rank suddenly turned around and charged Barkovitch.

He went for Barkovitch with his head down, bellowing.

Barkovitch sidestepped him. Rank went stumbling and pinwheeling across the soft shoulder, skidded in the sand, and sat down with his feet splayed out. He was given a third warning.

Garraty back-tracked to help McVries

Garraty turned and ran back, drawing his own warning.

Walkers back-tracked to get watermelon and got penalty-warnings

Several of the Walkers, Abraham and Collie Parker among them, broke for the shoulder at a dogtrot. All were warned. They were doing better than four an hour, but they were doing it in the wrong direction.

Harkness may have back-tracked to pick up his shoe or he just got a courtesy-warning for this timer counting down to 30

He dropped his shoe, grabbed for it, got two fingers on it, juggled it, and lost it. He stopped to pick it up and got his third warning.

Date Created May 20, 2021
Last Updated May 20, 2021