Quicky Tutorial

AntiDir is basically the opposite of Dir.

For example, typing the command antidir *.exe will show the opposite of what dir *.exe will show you which is everything but the *.exe files.

By default, AntiDir also shows all hidden files (since this is the opposite of what dir does) and tells you whether it's a system file, read only and/or directory. Filter flags are provided to filter out files with these attributes.

SYNTAX: AntiDir [file-filters] [filter-flags]
FILTER FLAGS: filter out a type of file:
/a Archive files
/r Read-only files
/h Hidden files
/s System files
/d Directories

Check out this sample output with the following commands in my messy root directory:

Meaning of command line
antidir foo
list all files except foo
antidir /d
list all files except directories
antidir /d *.bat *.sys *.txt
list all files except directories and those files matching *.bat, *.sys and *.txt
antidir /d *.bat *.sys *.txt /h /s
list all files except directories, hidden and system files and those files matching *.bat, *.sys and *.txt

I find it useful for finding garbage files that accumulate in directories with a lot of files. I keep filtering out more and more files until I'm left with the remaining garbage files.

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