How to beat the scenarios

You have 5 years to rebuild Charlston and raise the population to 45,000. Here's how to do it!

  1. Just let the storm take it's toll. Resistance is futile!
  2. Pause the game. Check "No Disasters".
  3. Rebuild the power system. One or two of the power plants may have been smothered. Keep them in mind.
  4. Rebuild the water system.
  5. Rebuild the transportation systems of Charlston. Some of those little pools of water can be cleared up with the bulldozer.
  6. Re-zone all of the damaged zones to high density.
  7. If you need to, float a bond.
  8. Clean up the rubble that still remains.
  9. Lower taxes!
  10. Take the game off pause.
  11. Give your Sims all they ask for. Follow your budget advisors' advice.
  12. Expand the seaport.
  13. Create new industrial zones.
  14. Rebuild the two power plants that were demolished at the scenario's beginning.


In Hollywood, you must rebuild Hollywood from the rubble of the monster attack and raise Hollywood's population to 100,000 people in 5 years. Here's how to do it!

  1. After each of the monster's salvos pause the game. Bulldoze the area around the fire. This way, the fire won't have anything to burn. After the creature leaves, put the fires out.
  2. Float a couple of bonds. Hollywood can pay them back, and you'll need the funds.
  3. Repair the power grid.
  4. Restore water to all of the areas.
  5. Repair the transportation systems.
  6. Give those greedy little Sims everything they want, when they want it!
  7. Create more industrial zones. An airport will be demanded, so put one in.
  8. HAVE FUN!


In Oakland, your duty is to put out the fire, rebuild, and attain a population of 50,000. Here's how to do it!

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Bulldoze EVERY tile around the fire.
  3. Put out the fire.
  4. Rebuild and restore power and water.
  5. Repair the transportation system.
  6. Re-zone the flat area of the city to high density.
  7. Drop taxes.
  8. Add more high density zones.
  9. Enable all of the ordinances except for legalized gambling.
  10. Add stuff as demanded.


In Dullsville, you must increase the population to 20,000 people, and have $5000 left after paying off bonds. In other words, you only have $5000 to work with. Here's how!

  1. Pause the game and turn off disasters.
  2. Check the main water system and add more pumps.
  3. Drop all budget items to about 25% except for transportation. As the game goes on, tweak them up a bit as needed. Have NO ordinances until DEMANDED by the Sims.
  4. Zone out a large series of narrow high-density residential and industrial zones to the northwest. Run power lines through the middle of the zones. Connect a road to Rimmer.
  5. Extend the water mains through this area.
  6. Build a hospital, a school, and two or three large parks.
  7. Let the scenario progress while adding things as demanded, but remember, YOU MUST HAVE $5000 LEFT AT THE END.


In Flint, you have 5 years to raise the INDUSTRIAL population to 21,000. The problem is the 12% unemployment rate... Here's how to master this scenario.

  1. Pause the game. Turn off disasters.
  2. Float a couple of bonds.
  3. Upgrade the water system.
  4. Add a power plant.
  5. Drop taxes by 2%.
  6. Up the taxes on the auto, steel, and construction industries.
  7. Fund everything. Make life paradise for Flint's sims. Do what your advisors say.
  8. Start a seaport.
  9. Re-develop like crazy.
  10. Make education a priority.
  11. Make lots of parks.
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