How to make a Raised Tile

There's a glitch in SimCity 2000 which allows you to create a raised tile.

Here's how you do it:

Create an L using the water tool (fig. 1). Create a raised power cable with the powerline tool. Start on the tile labeled A and drag to tile labeled B (fig. 1). The Raised Wires dialog box should pop up (fig 2).
Accept the Raised Wires and it should look like fig. 3

Bulldoze everything and you should have a raised tile (fig 4)

Contributed by Michael Paul

There is another way to make a raised tile but you have to do it from the Terrain Editor.
  1. Go to terrain edit and make a slant in the ground
  2. Put water on the slant
  3. Raise the water level until every thing is flooded
  4. Lower the water back to normal
The slanted surfaces are now flat surfaces

Contributed by Lloyd Jewkes .

Note: This has not been tested on all versions of SimCity 2000. It was tested on SC2K4DOS 1.0 and SC2K4WIN 1.0. If it doesn't work for you, please let us know!

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