Water Pumps: Maximum Gallons per Month
Water Pump Record: Maxiumum Gallons per Month - What is the record for most the most water a water-pump can pump? ClubOpolis challenges you to beat these records! E-Mail us if you can.

150K Gallons Per Month above and below ground views.

Created by Patrick Coston. First I leveled the terrain as low and flat as it goes. The I created a two giant pyramids across from each other as high as they would go. The first pyramid held a wind-turbine atop it to power the single water-pump atop the second pyramid. A looong power-line connected the two across the deep water.

My ideas were:

  • Deep is better
  • Surround pump with fresh (not salt) water

185K Gallons Per Month above ground view.

Created by Michael Weburg. First I raised the terrain as high and flat as it would go. The I created a small fresh water pond and placed a water-pump next to the water. I created a power-plant to power the pump.

My ideas were:

  • Pump must be adjacent to fresh water tile. Can't be salt water!
  • Elevation and water table proximity. In this city, the water level is right below the land, and the elevation is as high as it will go.
This Web Page was created by Patrick Coston July 22, 1995, Last updated April 4, 2006